Is vaping psychoactive?

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A vape is like a cigarette, people use it to inhale aerosol which contains either Cannabis-based juices like THC or nicotine, which can be found in cigarettes as well. While vaping is considered safer to inhale than most cigarettes, and advertised as such, this isn’t necessarily true. Vaping might be safer, but it isn’t safe. Cannabis-based vapes are extremely harmful to the user’s health and can be considered to have psychoactive impacts.


For the longest time ever, scientists thought that nicotine was the most harmful component of a cigarette, while to some extent this is true, scientists found that apart from tobacco, acetone, ammonia and other chemicals like benzene are also really harmful to smokers. Vape on the other hand has components that knock these chemicals out of the park. 


A vape uses Vitamin E Acetate, a vitamin that is extremely harmful to the lungs. Vitamin E Acetate is used to make the inhaling of the flavor easier and is proven to mess with the erythrocytes, bubbles that can transfer oxygen from the lungs to the blood cells in the body. Vitamin E Acetate blocks the function of erythrocytes and can cause various harmful diseases regarding the lungs. 


Why is vaping so prevalent if it’s harmful?


Vaping was introduced as a safer alternative for smokers, which got a huge audience as it was about time a change was made, as research showed that over 500,000 citizens died because of smoking in the United States alone. Imagine the statistics from other parts of the world. Although vaping is indeed safer than cigarettes, it shouldn’t be as prevalent as it is. Over 25% of high school students vape, in the modern world, vaping, is more of a trend than it is a problem. 


Although there are many things that make vaping a better alternative than cigarettes, it doesn’t mean one should follow in the footsteps of their friends and take up vaping. Here is the biggest reason as to why vaping is becoming more and more prevalent as time goes by:

  • Addiction: A person who takes up smoking cigarettes once is almost guaranteed to smoke more and more as time goes by, and can result in being just another average smoker. A cigarette isn’t necessarily as psychoactive as the media makes it out to be, but it has tobacco and tobacco has nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive, and while some vape juices contain nicotine that can make a person be a vape addict, it’s not necessary. One of the biggest plus points of vaping is a person can take it up and at the same time quit whenever they want to.  


Where can I get vape juice for my vape?


If you live in the UK and vape and have come across many dispensaries or online markets that have vape flavors that just don’t seem to click for you, you can get the best e liquid uk with the perfect amount of nicotine for you at a very reasonable price. What makes vaping more appealing to the youth than cigarettes are the flavors, from a smooth aftertaste to a smell that doesn’t cause non-smokers nausea or headaches, and gets the perfect flavor so you can be you wherever you want.