Marijuana Enhancing Athletic Performance

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Is cannabis a performance enhancer?

Why do athletes smoke weed?

Work out with weed


Several states across the US have legalized cannabis, enabling researchers to study the plant’s benefits. Scientists can now try to answer questions about weed’s effects on the body, including if marijuana enhances athletic performance.


The stigma surrounding cannabis is also loosening. It’s more acceptable for fitness enthusiasts to grow high-yield outdoor seeds to take advantage of the herb’s wellness applications.


Can marijuana make you a better athlete or help in recovery after exercise? Read on to discover how smoking weed before a workout may elevate your fitness.


Is cannabis a performance enhancer?


After using cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) travels from your lungs to your bloodstream and enters your brain. The compound connects to cannabinoid receptors on nerve cells, resulting in a high. It affects cerebral centers that control coordination, concentration, memory, and pleasure.


Cannabidiol (CBD), the other main chemical in weed, similarly interacts with the body to provide numerous reported health benefits. These advantages include stimulating appetite, aiding sleep, and treating skin disorders.


There’s no evidence that marijuana enhances performance in athletes by making them bigger or faster. Most studies on the plant show using it doesn’t improve strength or stamina while exercising.


Why do athletes smoke weed?


While smoking cannabis won’t make you stronger, the plant offers several effects that may positively impact workouts. 


Weed may boost exercise if you use a small amount before your session. Experts recommend starting with approximately 5mg of THC and evaluating your results before upping your dosage.


Consuming marijuana prior to your routine could have the following benefits:


Could reduce anxiety


Smoking weed before running or other strenuous exercises could ease anxiety and enhance the experience. Cannabis is well-known for inducing a sense of calm and well-being, which might make workouts more fun.


Using the plant pre-training may clear performance-associated mental blocks and help athletes forget previous traumatic experiences related to the activity.


May provide motivation


Consuming THC before athletic performance may produce a more optimistic attitude towards fitness. Tetrahydrocannabinol simulates the natural compounds the body makes during exercise that induce euphoria.


Positive feelings increase the enjoyment of the experience, making people more likely to work out and stick to a routine.  


Might improve focus


Using CBD as a pre-workout supplement could provide the mental clarity and focus fitness enthusiasts need to concentrate on their sport. 


Some users claim the cannabinoid makes them more aware of their muscles and actions. Maintaining a state of mindfulness is beneficial for athletes, as it allows them to concentrate on strategies rather than winning. 


Weed could make you faster by giving you the mental edge to “stay in the zone” and improve performance.


Could aid pain relief


Studies show that cannabis alleviates pain, from acute muscle spasms to chronic conditions.


Marijuana affects how cannabinoid receptors respond to discomfort and changes how our bodies perceive the sensation. Athletes smoking weed before workouts may find their soreness become less intense.


This benefit helps them finish their last few training reps or complete the final mile on a treadmill.


May reduce inflammation


Anecdotal research supports the claim that CBD helps with exercise-induced inflammation by reducing muscle and joint swelling. The cannabinoid’s healing properties may curb discomfort associated with the body’s repair processes.


Cannabidiol reportedly reduces the production of inflammatory chemical messengers called cytokines. This disruption slows white blood cell and immune responses, decreasing the pain that follows intense workouts.


Combining marijuana with sports could be a valuable tool to improve post-training recovery.


Can help with “runner’s stomach”


Many long-distance athletes are familiar with how their bodies sometimes react during marathons. Abdominal cramping, nausea, and diarrhea can slow times and make finishing a race a challenge.


Smoking weed before running or eating a CBD gummy during a water stop may settle any gut woes. Users report cannabis helps alleviate stomach pain and decreases the frequency of bowel movements.


Might improve sleep


Getting a decent night’s sleep after an intense workout has left you aching can be difficult. Your body needs this rest period to repair muscles, build bone, and burn fat. 


One of THC’s benefits for athletes is that it improves the quality and duration of slumber. Proper sleep helps the body to recover from exercise and improves reaction times, accuracy, and endurance.


Work out with weed


Weed may have a place in fitness, whether it’s to calm nerves and anxiety before competing or reduce pain post-workout. Marijuana could enhance athletic performance by improving focus, aiding recovery, and boosting enjoyment.


There are different ways to succeed in sports, but all involve preparation. Using cannabis can help make training periods more exciting and raise confidence.


Consider adding this plant’s benefits to your exercise routine to reach your fitness goals faster. Remember to consult with your doctor before starting a new exercise or supplement regimen.