Most Popular American Sports To Bet On

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Sportsbook and sports betting has become one of the most popular formats in the gambling industry in recent times and has been down to a couple of factors. This includes the number of sports that are now available for us to choose from whilst betting, as well as lots of sub-sectors of betting within each sport. Due to this, we thought we’d create a list of the most popular American sports to bet on.

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Of course, betting on the American Football and NFL is possibly the most popular sport to bet on in the US during the football season which spreads from September to February. During the NFL regular season, there are 256 games to bet on with a host of different ways to win including money lines, handicaps, and over/under betting. What makes American Football betting so special is that it all boils down to the Super Bowl which is one of the most watched events in the entire world and the betting on this event is astonishing.


Basketball has also become one of the most popular ways of sports betting in recent times due to it having many similarities to football. The reason why Basketball betting has become one of the most popular in the US is due to the complexity that Basketball betting can offer as you are able to bet on virtually every avenue on the sports from next point, to next time the ball goes out, to the next foul. Due to the large range of variety, the possibility of winning is virtually endless on the NBA.


Many US punters have been looking for alternative betting sites for them to try and produce a profit from the comfort of their own homes at has become one of the most popular sites in the whole of Pennsylvania. They have a great selection of your favourite sports to choose from which are all highly rated by other punters leaving raving reviews.

And finally, although still slightly behind the two big fish in the sports betting world in the US, traditional football or soccer is certainly growing in popularity as the MLS improves in quality. Soccer around the world is certainly the most watched and most broadcasted sport and the betting on it outside of the US is huge and America is starting to witness just how big it can be and are slowly catching up with the Soccer hype train.