Most Popular Sports/Games That Indian Players Love to Bet Online

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For any type of sport betting, Indian players have their own favorites. Betting on these sports gives Indian bettors a real chance to enjoy action and be rewarded for their gambling skills. It is therefore no surprise that India’s sports betting industry has grown considerably over the years and even though many of the professional bettors are yet to catch on, Indians are increasingly turning towards it as one of the most popular pastimes in their country.

As a result, the online betting industry in India is continuously growing by leaps and bounds with an estimated annual revenue of about $5 billion expected for 2021 alone – which makes it one of the fastest growing industries in India today. But, what are the most popular sports that Indian Players love to Bet online? In this post , we will discuss all the options Indian players have, while they enjoy wagering on their favorite sports.


Gambling is a source of amusement for many Indians, who have been playing it for centuries. Poker, being the most popular form of gambling in the country, it is a popular game in India. Since poker is a game of chance, it is also an ideal sport for players to bet on while they are relaxing at home. There are many websites where Indian players can place their bets, with some of these websites offering a nice bonus to players who have made deposits before the games have started.

Poker is a game that has a lot of gamblers who are yet to learn the strategy behind the game. There is a very well paid prize for winning poker tournaments and this is what attracts players to bet on poker.


Cricket has a lot of ardent fans in India who never miss any major or minor event and that is what has made it one of the most popular sports in the country. While it is true that Cricket betting has been taking place for quite some time, it came into limelight only when betting on the internet was introduced.

Nowadays, cricket is probably one of the most popular sports that Indian players love to bet online on. While betting on cricket is widespread in India, very few people take it seriously. The sport has its own set of loyal fans who are always excited to place their money on this “gentleman’s game”. 

More and more people are getting started with online gaming which means they love cricket betting as well. For details information you can visit and read how to play.


The most popular betting game in India is rummy and from the general population’s point of view, it’s only a game. While this game is played in many countries, it is yet to be taken seriously by the rest of them. But when an Indian player starts playing rummy online in India, he/she gets hooked to it instantly. It has been estimated that up to 70% of all the betting done on rummy games happens on the internet these days. This fact goes on to show that Indians love betting on rummy games and have made them one of their favorite online sports.

Online Rummy betting is very simple and Indian players can gamble on whether their hand would be beat in the end by their opponent or not.


Football is still one of the most popular sports in India with an estimated 100 million fans across the country. The sport was first introduced to India by British colonialists and the popularity of football has only increased over time. There are many opportunities for bettors to place their money on NFL sports betting competitions, while they enjoy watching their favorite team matches as well.

Online betting on Football is now taken seriously by every sports betting site in the world and it is one of the most popular sports that Indian players love to bet online.

Horse Racing

Another very popular sport that Indian players love to bet online is horse racing. This sport has been part of the culture of India for many centuries now and the love Indians have for betting on it is what makes horse racing a popular sport among them.

Horse races are conducted regularly in India and these are some of the most popular events that people eagerly wait for. It is precisely because Indians love betting on horse racing so much that they can’t wait to place their bets online after they have placed them at a land-based casino or venue. 

Online Horse betting websites are now taking notice as well and are opening up more servers to cater to the demands of their Indian clients. It is forecasted that this trend is only going to continue and that there will be an increased demand for betting on horse racing – which will only be good for everyone involved.


Kabaddi is a very popular sport in India. It was introduced to the country in ancient times and the popularity of this game is increasing every day and even though it has been played in India for centuries, more people are now kicking off to play this game online. This has made it one of the most popular sports that Indian players love to bet online on. Online betting on Kabaddi is very simple and when it comes to this sport, there are players who love betting on the matches and those who simply love to watch the matches – without placing any bets.

Casino Games

Many people tend to enjoy betting on casino games after they have finished placing bets on their favorite sports. While this is not an easy thing for a beginner, more and more gamblers are doing it and are thus increasing the popularity of these games in India.

There is a new gaming product for every taste in the Indian market today. People like to try out different casino products and it can be said that casino gaming is one of the most popular sports that Indian players love to bet online on.

Casinos in India have also been able to generate a lot of revenue as they were able to attract a lot of Indians customers due to their online facilities. Check this article


These are some of the popular sports that Indians love to bet on, but there are many more in different categories, which can make Indian players happy. There is a long list of popular sports that Indian players love to bet on and there is always some form of betting competition happening in India. With the wide range of sports betting options for Indian bettors, they have enough reasons to keep enjoying wagering on their favorite sport at any time.

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