Conference Finals

Spurs in 5

The Mavericks will not be able to run with the Spurs. Lets face it they would have never made it past the Sacramento Kings if not for the injury to Chris Webber. The Mavericks will not be able to put up a strong enough defense to beat the Spurs, who coming off their series win over the Lakers will be extremely focused not to allow a let down against an interstate rivalry. Look for the Spurs to win easily in 5.

Nets in 6

The Nets are playing some of their best basketball on the season as they humiliated the Boston Celtics in 4 straight. Chauncey Billups did appear healthy for the Pistons in Game 6, but he wont be 100% in this round, eliminating in scoring threat on the Pistons who have trouble scoring. Look for Jason Kidd to be the big factor as the Nets make it to the NBA Finals for the 2nd straight year.

Predictions Made 5/17/03 at 11:00 pm EST. Background courtesy GMS Creations.