NBA Finals

Nets in 6

Unlike last year when they went into the finals in awe and happy to be there the Nets appear to be focused on winning. Though the match up looks heavily in favor of the Spurs based on record. The Nets have played the Spurs tough in the past 2 years winning 3 of 4 games. In addition one can only look at the Spurs difficulties with the Phoenix Suns in the first round to see teams with great point guards give them fits. Right now there is no better PG then Jason Kidd, who will rise to the occasion like he always does, as he gets close to a triple double in every game. Meanwhile Kenyon Martin has really stepped it up and will give Tim Duncan fits as the Nets pull of the upset in 6 games.

Predictions Made 6/3/03 at 1:00 pm EST.