First Round

Spurs in 5

The Spurs are poised for a big run after ending the season on a strong note to capture home court through out the playoffs.

Magic in 7

With a hobbled Ben Wallace the Pistons are ripe for the upset, as the Magic have a go to scorer in Tracy McGrady, while the Pistons don’t.

Kings in 5

The Kings real season begins now, its Finals or bust and they will breeze past the first round, as the aging Jazz sing their swan song winning just 1 game if they are lucky.

Nets in 6

The Nets ended the season on the wrong note, after a shaky second half, but get a break in playing the Bucks who don’t match up well with Nets defensively.

Mavericks in 7

The Mavericks did not end the season on a winning note losing their division lead. However, in the playoffs they should be able to slip by the Trailblazers.

Pacers in 7

The physical Pacers against the long range Celtics. Look for this to be battle of contrast as the Pacers slip by in 7 games, in a battle of teams who struggled down the stretch.

Lakers in 6

The Timberwolves have to be wondering if they are cursed finally earning home court but facing the Lakers. The Wolves may keep it close, but the Lakers will win.

76ers in 7

In what may be the best series of the first round look for the 76ers to slip by the Hornets with Game 7 at Philadlphia being the difference.

Predictions Made 4/18/03 at 4:05 pm EST. Background courtesy GMS Creations.