NBA Finals

Lakers in 4

Get out your brooms and your pajamas because this is going to not only be a sweep its going to be dull and boring and lacking any excitement what so ever unless of course you are a Laker fans and in that case you will be enjoying every minute of it. The Lakers won the title in the 2nd Round on Derek Fisher’s now legendary Game 5 shot. The Western Conference Finals was just a minor bump in the road, the NBA Finals wont even be that as the Pistons do not measure up. The West is the Varsity the East is the Junior Varsity, perhaps the Pistons should not even bother showing up because it wont be pretty as only 1 game will be decided by less then 10 points in this forgettable Final putting a cap to a forgettable postseason, which had exactly one great game, and one great ending and the rest was all dreck filled with bad shooting and unwatchable games.

Predictions Made June 5, 2004 at 11:50 pm ET.