First Round

Suns in 6

The Suns hope to continue to shine in the postseason after posting a NBA best record of 62-20. Look for the Grizzlies to keep several games close as the Suns could struggle with the adjustment from the run and gun regular season to the clamp down defense of the postseason. However in the end the Suns talent will shine trough.

Heat in 6

The Nets have been 2 the finals 2 of the last 3 years, and are entering the playoffs on a roll, while the Heat have struggled in the final weeks after clinching. Shaq’s health at the start of the series is a question mark, but make no doubt as this series goes on he will be healthy. However in the early going the Nets will throw a scare into before the Heat take over and take the series.

Spurs in 6

The team the Nuggets did not want to meet is the team they will be getting in the first round. The only thing that could play in their favor is the health of Tim Duncan who is still working his way back from an ankle injury. In the end the Spurs will just be too strong weather or not Duncan is 100% or not any way, as they advance to the 2nd round.

Pistons in 5

This series is not the one the 76ers wanted as their hopes for climbing up to 6th seed ended on the final day of the season. The fact is the Pistons are the defending champs and the top defensive team spell doom for Philly who does not match up with the Pistons well. Look for Iverson to be held in check as the Pistons throughout the series, which will be over fast.

Supersonics in 7

The Supersonics rose above expectations all year, picked to finish last at the start of the season they led the Northwest Division wire to wire. Still its almost as if they are underdogs against the Kings. However the Kings heath is a question mark and unless Brad Miller and Bobby Jackson can comeback and immediately make a difference the Sonics should emerge.

Pacers in 6

The Pacers who been trough turmoil all year have reached the playoffs where they could be a dangerous team for any body. They are the 6th seed but they are the better team as the Celtics won the worst division in the NBA to get the 3rd spot. Look for the Pacers to control the series from the start as they pull of a mini upset by beating the Celtics.

Mavericks in 7

The Lone Star State Shootout may just ended up being the best series in the first round as both teams match up against each other well as they split the season series 2 games apiece. The Mavericks have more playoff success then the younger Rockets. Look for the series to go back and forth as the Game 7 homecourt will give the Mavs the edge in the end.

Wizards in 7

Two young teams with no playoff experience meet up in a first round battle, which should fun from the start. This series has 7 games written all over it, with both teams running up and down the court. However look for the loss of Eddie Curry to catch up to the Bulls in the end as Gilbert Arenas leads the Wizards to their first playoff series win since 1982.

Predictions Made April 22, 2005 at 10:10 pm EST.