Conference Finals

Heat in 6

Last season these two met and it was a classic 7-game war as the Heat seemed in control until Dwyane Wade got hurt. In this year’s regular season the Pistons dominated the match up winning 3 of 4. However, it was almost as if the Heat were not giving it their all as they coasted through the regular season all year into the playoffs. After dispatching the Nets in 5 it now looks like they are playing their best basketball of the year, while Pistons have been exposed needing 7 games to beat the Cavaliers. Look for this one to be close through out too, but this time it will be the Heat that win, as Shaquille O’Neal dominates the middle, while Dwayne Wade makes the big shots down the end as the Heat win in 6.

Mavericks in 5

After finally beating their nemesis the Spurs the Mavericks can smell the NBA Finals. In the past the Suns have given them fits as last year they lost a series in the second round as former Maverick Steve Nash had a big series. However, the Suns had Amare Stoudamire, and Steve Nash was on fire. This year Nash is sputter, Stoudamire is hurt and the Mavericks as seen in beating Spurs on the road in Game 7 now understand what it takes to win in the playoffs, look for the Mavericks to take the series in 5 as we get a match up of two teams with arenas sponsored by American Airlines.

Predictions Made 5/17/03 at 11:00 pm EST. Background courtesy GMS Creations.