First Round

Pistons in 4

The Pistons have been the best team all year the Bucks finished in last place yes yes yes they are in the playoffs but they still finished in last place. This one will not be close as the Pistons with championship experience know how to close out a team and know how to crush a team and the Bucks will not even know what hit them, in fact even their logo has a deer in the headlights look.

Spurs in 6

The Kings have had a remarkable turnaround in the second half thanks to the acquisition of Ron Artest. Artest has also made the Kings tougher on defense and a team that could really make some noise in the playoffs, and go to the Western Conference Finals if they were a higher seed that is because in the Finals they would not beat the Spurs, and they will not be the Spurs in the first round either as the defending champs win in 6.

Heat in 4

Like a grizzled veteran race car driver the Shaquille O’Neal knows when to get the big diesel engine going after coasting in cruise the playoffs here comes the big Shaq Diesel as the Heat who have not quite played as well as expected all year but still easily captured the 2nd seed become the dominant team everybody expected at the start of the season as Dwayne Wade once again becomes a scoring machine as the Heat get ready for their Championship march with a sweep.

Suns in 6

In battle of the Player of the Year Kobe Bryant and the MVP Steve Nash it is the one who rises all boats and buts the wind in every sail that will go on to the second round. Yes Kobe Bryant can carry the Lakers on his back, but he can only carry them so far and this is as far as he will carry them, as Nash makes every player around him stronger and the Suns tem beat the individual Kobe and the LA Bryants.

Nets in 5

Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson are one of the best 3-man combos in the NBA and can be a team that can make allot of noise in the playoffs, while the Pacers without Ron Artest are a shell of them former selves lucky just to still be in the postseason the Pacers just don’t match up well and the Nets should have field day as they advance to the second round for a showdown with the Heat in 5.

Clippers in 7

Things I thought I never see happen in sports someone breaking Cy Young’s record 511 Wins, someone equaling the Dolphins undefeated season, someone scoring 100 goals in a NHL season, and the Clippers winning a playoff series. However, one of those things is about to happen, the Colts fizzled the NHL is just happy to see someone score 50 goals again, and 300 games will soon become rare that must be the Clippers will shock the world.

Cavaliers in 7

Its playoff time and LeBron James is set to make his postseason debut. The 3rd year player is still only 21 but already has a MVP look to him, as he is ready to the next step on the his way to becoming the next big thing. However, this first taste of the playoff wont be easy as the Wizards will give the Cavs all they could handle led by the underrated Gilbert Arenas before falling in 7 games.

Mavericks in 5

Somehow some way life is just not fair for the Grizzlies they finished with the 5th seed they are better then the Clippers, they can make some noise in the playoff had they had the right match up, but no they are facing the Mavericks who have the 2nd best record in the West, meaning even though they are the 5th seed they really are going to be the 7th seed in an impossible situation as the Mavericks gallop past them in 5 games on the way to a Lone Star State Showdown.

Predictions Made 4/18/03 at 4:05 pm EST. Background courtesy GMS Creations.