Second Round

Pistons in 6

LeBron James should be very proud of himself indeed as he had a spectacular first playoff series against the Wizards including a game winning shot to win a classic one-on-one duel with Gilbert Arenas. However, now he’s in the big boys’ playhouse and from here on out it gets harder. There is no way the Cavs can beat the Pistons as the Pistons are championship hardened and ready to teach LeBron a lesson, but don’t think it will be easy as the Cavaliers will win 2 games including stealing one in Detroit before the Pistons win go the Eastern Finals for the 4th straight year in 6 games.

Mavericks in 6

In past seasons the Mavericks have been a strong team that is capable of making a long run that is until they hit a brick wall in San Antonio. This year they blitzed the Memphis Grizzlies in 4 straight becoming the only team to sweep its opening round series, and in doing so demonstrate this year things will be different. Tim Duncan who has battled plantar fasciitis all season is not 100% and with the Mavs improved defense he needs to be. Look for Dirk Nowitzki to have room in the middle he’s never had against the Spurs as the Mavericks finally win the battle of Texas in 6 games and stand alone as the team to beat in the Western Finals.

Heat in 7

Last season the Nets season ended with a quick first round knock out against the Miami Heat who swept them in 4 straight games. However, things were quite different in the regular season this past year as the Nets gave the Heat fits all year winning 3 of 4 games. This could be a key match up in determining who ultimately wins the NBA Championship. Both teams are capable of going all the way and both teams are capable of knocking each other out. Look for it to be close all the way but in the end the Heat will win it 7 to set up a highly anticipated showdown with the Pistons.

Suns in 5

After being pushed to the brink by the Lakers, the Suns will be going back to the Staples Center in the second round to face the Clippers. Although the Clippers are good and deserve to be in the second round they are not in the same class as the Suns, winning three straight and with a renewed life the Suns should be even more dangerous now. Look for the Suns to not make the same mistakes this time around and end the series early advancing to the Conference Finals in 5 games.

©MMVI Tank Productions. Predictions Made by Frank Fleming on May 7, 2006 at 12:05 am EST