Conference Finals

Warriors in 5

When the NBA Postseason began there was on big showdown all fans were looking for and that was in the Western Conference Finals where the historic 73-9 Golden State Warriors were expected to face the 67-win San Antonio Spurs. A funny thing happened in the second round the Warriors dealt with their adversity by dispatching the Trail Blazers. The Spurs however got derailed on Thunder road unraveling over the final two games to allow Oklahoma City to take their spot in the Conference Finals. The Thunder have gotten terrific play in the postseason from Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Durant is ranked top among all players with 27.4 points per game in the playoffs while Westbrook is not far behind with 25.5 ppg. Durant and Westbrook have both been strong on the boards with Westbrook with 6.8 and Durant pulling down 6.5. The Thunder have even gotten big games from there other starters Enes Kanter, Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams. Thunder don’t match well with the Warriors in the regular season they manage to steal one of three meetings in overtime. However, Golden State took the other two games rather easily. In their victory over Portland the Warriors got a much needed boost from Stephen Curry who after missing two weeks with a knee sprain showed no ill effect and has a 17-point overtime explosion in his first game back. If Stephen Curry is at full strength the Thunder have no chance. If the Thunder can’t get the same freaky bounces they did in San Antonio they have no chance. The Thunder can get the right formula to beat the Spurs, but they don’t give the formula needed to beat the Warriors who cruise to the NBA Finals.

Cavaliers in 5

The two top teams in the Eastern Conference are alive and well as the Conference Finals begin. The Cavaliers have been machine like sweeping their way past the Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks. The Raptors meanwhile have had a much bumpier road, needing to survive seven game battles with the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat. When the Raptors have needed to make the big plays it has been there for them, but at times they have gone into funks. The Cavaliers biggest criticism or any team led by LeBron James in any season is the fact they take off on far too many games in the regular season. Come the playoffs it is a different story, and this year his supporting cast appears to be healthy meaning the Cavaliers may be entering the last two rounds with their best chance yet to win the NBA Championship. In the regular season the Raptors proved pesky for the Cavs, winning two of three meetings. However, the Cavaliers are now in their season. The 82 games from Halloween to April are just warm ups. The Cavaliers have never looked more focus. If Toronto is too even get a fighter’s chance they must steal one of the first two games in Cleveland. Kyle Lowry must find his consistency, if he does not score more than 20 points he has had a bad game. They won’t stop LeBron, but they can contain him, if the King gets can rhythm the game will end quickly and the series will be over in a flash.

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