NFL 2020 Betting Guide: Top 5 Rookies set to rule the big stage

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Winners of the 2020 Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs have another chance to prove they rule the big stage on 10th September 2020 in a playoff against Houston Texans before kick-off of a new season official. The last face-off ended in a huge loss of 24-0 to Texans and the celebrated Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes was at the center of it. A question every eSports enthusiast must be asking right now is which team will win the 2020 NFL season? Well, if you are an avid punter, you could take advantage of these William Hill Bonuses when the season kicks-off.

For punters looking to place their wagers on upcoming NFL season should also consider upcoming stars. It is especially important if you always place your wagers on player props. On that premise, here is an Exclusive William Hill Promo Code to get you started with the new season.

NFL Rookies to watch in 2020/21 Season

With everything said, the next big question is who will rule the big stage as soon as 2020 NFL season kicks off on September 11? First off, you should note that building a list of rising NFL rookies boils down to factors such as popularity in Fantasy Football, demand for content marketing, number of product submissions, social media engagement, on-field performance, number of fans and team market value.   We did some homework to bring you the following names:

1.     Joe Burrow-Quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow ranks highest among rising NFL stars. The 23-year old quarterback played a significant role in leading Bengals to 15-0 record in the previous season at the National Championship level. Winning Heisman Trophy particularly epitomizes his rising fame.

2.     Chase Young, Washington Redskins

Chase Young is a risking NFL rookie playing the defensive position for Washington Redskins. If given a chance to play through the 2020/21 season, he could very well go home with the yearly rookie award. Chase Young is an edge rusher with great potential, and can easily take on some of the best NFL tacklers. He exhibits a disruptive and quick playstyle with a consistency that can only get better with time provided he gets more playtime.

3.     Kenneth Murray, Los Angeles Chargers

In the 2020 NFL fantasy draft, Kenneth Murray ranks well in reading the game. Standing 1.88 meters tall, Murray has a very good chance of bagging the DROY if he improves his ability to leverage gaps and also blocks. His confidence in a man-to-man situation is something punters can look forward to, especially when it comes to betting on linebackers’ props.

4.     Tua Tagovailoa-Quarterback for Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa is not only a rising brand in NLF circles but also a quarterback rookie whose star keeps shinning. The Miami Dolphins player recently bagged major deals in brand endorsements. He has an inspiring history playing American Football dating back to his high school days. He is someone on whom you can place a bet, especially a quarterback role he plays for Miami Dolphins.

5.     CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver- Dallas Cowboys

CeeDee Lamb is another risking NLF rookie. In college, he played NFL in Oklahoma and has been drafted for the first round in the coming season. Aged only 21 years and with a towering height of 1.80 meters, CeeDee Lamb is touted as one of the fastest rising stars in the NFL.