4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 10-4 .714
Season Total: 26-20 .565



Dolphins 38 Chiefs 16

This could be a sandwich game for the Dolphins and they could be vulnerable. However, the Chiefs defense can’t stop anyone, as Ricky Williams continues to dominate.


Jets 28 Jaguars 24

Last year every time people counted the Jets out they won, especially on the road. A rebuilding Jaguars team gives them just that opportunity this week.


Bears 24 Bills 20

The Bills defense is just plain awful, and once again a big day from Drew Bledsoe won’t be enough.


Lions 27 Saints 24

Upset of the Week: This one smells of upset the Saints can’t be as good as they looked, and the distraction of Tropical Storm evacuations could be just enough to lead to a stunning Lions win.


Packers 30 Packers 24

The Packers defense has been very vulnerable this year allowing 30 points or more every week. For this reason the Panthers will have a shot late.


Eagles 38 Teans 6

The Texans don’t have a shot and the spread is a trap, as the Eagles still remembering their Week 1 collapse don’t let up in a blow out.


Browns 30 Steelers 27

The Steelers can’t stop the pass. Bad News Browns have a great passing game can you say 0-3.


Rams 34 Cowboys 17

The Cowboys are just the tonic the struggling Rams need as they explode and win going away.


Buccaneers 20 Bengals 0

The Bengals are pathetic plain and simple, a good college team could beat them easily. Maybe even a mediocre college like University of Cincinnati would have a shot too.


Patriots 24 Chargers 17

The Patriots could beat caught looking ahead to Miami next week but Tom Brady is too good to make them lose.


Titans 24 Raiders 20

The Titans have lost 2 bad games in a row, and now everyone has forgotten the Titans. Well remember this the Titans are a good team and they will bounce back and beat the Raiders.


Cardinals 20 Giants 16

The Giants were lucky to have won last week. If they don’t adjust their game plan they wont be lucky this week, as they fall in the desert.


Seahawks 24 Vikings 13

Stinker of the Week: The Vikings have spent a week distracted by the off field troubles of Randy Moss, in a battle of 0-3 teams that is the recipe for 0-4.


Broncos 24 Ravens 0

The Ravens offense is so bad if they could go into negative numbers, no need to worry 0 is as low as you can go.