4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 10-4 .714
Season Total: 61-55 .526



Panthers 27 Texans 3

With starting QB David Carr banged up the Texans offense will have a tough time getting out of neutral, especially against a strong defense like the Panthers. Don’t be shocked if the Texans don’t even get on the board as the Panthers win this one easily.


Dolphins 24 Colts 10

Game of the Week: In college while staring at Tennessee Peyton Manning could never figure out a way to beat Florida. In the NFL he has not figured out a way to beat the Dolphins. That trend will continue this week as the Dolphins defense continues to clamp down in the red zone.


Ravens 17 Jaguars 13

In a battle of rookie Quarterbacks struggling to make the adjustment to the NFL scoring could be scarce. However, with the NFL’s leading rusher Jamal Lewis the Ravens should be able to eek this one out.


Buccaneers 24 Saints 3

The Buccaneers are starting to get healthy with the return of Jon Lynch and Joe Jerevicous, that can spell doom to the rest of the NFL as the Bucs win their second straight in impressive fashion by beating up the Saints at home.


Giants 30 Jets 17

These two teams only meet in the regular season every 4 years, and this year the game is of dire importance to both, as the loser’s playoff hopes could be completely dashed. Look for the Giants to pull it out in the end as the Jets defense is banged up and vulnerable to a big game from Jeremy Shockey.


Raiders 24 Lions 20

The Raiders desperately need a win, and facing the lousy Lions they should be able to win even with backup QB Marques Tuiasosopo, who played solidly in one half against the undefeated Chiefs two weeks ago.


Chargers 24 Bears 20

Stinker of the Week: These two teams stink no two ways about that. However, on the road and away from the wildfires that cost them a home game the Chargers benefit by going into Chicago, and get their 2nd win of the year as LaDanlian Tomlinson has another big game.


Redskins 27 Cowboys 17

The struggling Redskins are facing turmoil coming off a bye week as many critics have been vocal in criticizing Coach Steve Spurrier facing the Cowboys they desperately need a win and get it on the road as the Cowboys harsh fallback to earth continues.


Bengals 23 Cardinals 17

The Bengals continue their strong play by winning their 3rd straight against the sorry Cardinals at Sun Devil Stadium, as Cardinals fans celebrate Halloween 2 days late by dressing up as empty seats.


Seahawks 34 Steelers 17

The Seahawks rebound off a tough loss in style as the light up the scoreboard at home against the struggling Steelers secondary as the Steelers continue their season-long slide, while fans in Pittsburgh are starting to call for a coaching change.


Eagles 27 Falcons 13

Sitting at 1-6 the Falcons have officially declared it a loss season as star QB Mike Vick, says he will wait until December 7th to return rather then risk re-injuring his leg. Against the Eagles the downward spiral continues as the Falcons defense continues to struggle as well.


Rams 30 49ers 20

Expect the Rams to continue to roll as they complete the sweep of the 49ers by slaughtering them on the road, and turning the chase for first place in the NFC West into a 2-team race as the 49ers are all but eliminated.


Vikings 31 Packers 17

In his great career Packers QB Brett Favre has had nothing but failure in the Metrodome winning just 2 of 11 games. Don’t expect things to change this week as the Vikings rebound off their first loss of the season and all but secure first place in the NFC North with a big win in primetime.


Patriots 13 Broncos 6

Last week the Pats won 9-3 in a dreadful game at home against the Browns, while the Broncos spun their wheels with 3rd string QB Danny Kannell. Things will remain the same this week as the defense for both teams will end up being the best offense in a dreadful Monday Night Match up.