4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 7-7 .500
Season Total: 81-63 .563



Ravens 24 Cowboys 0

The Cowboys look like they just about quit on the season surprising for a Bill Parcells team, look for another flat performance as they are blown out and shutout by the Ravens.


Bills 24 Rams 20

The last time the Rams beat the Seahawks they followed it up by losing to the awful Dolphins on the road look fro déjà vu as they continue to confound their fans.


Cardinals 24 Panthers 20

The Panthers are banged up and hurting and the Cardinals are playing solid football look for them to win their 3rd straight to climb back to .500 and enter the playoff race.


Colts 38 Bears 17

Without Brian Urlacher the Bears defense does not stand a chance against the Colts who continue to rack up the points look for another big day by Peyton Manning as the Colts win big.


Bengals 27 Steelers 17

The Steelers are due for a let down Ben Roethlisberger cant stay unbeaten for ever look for them to struggle against the suddenly surging Bengals as their 7 game winning streak comes to an end.


Browns 20 Jets 16

Without Chad Pennington the Jets continue to sputter losing their 3rd straight game to a Browns team hungry for a win.


Jagaurs 20 Titans 13

The Titans look lost and with Steve McNair hurting they oughta just shut him down and take their lumps. While the Jaguars continue to just find ways to win, look for this one to be relatively easy for a change.


Vikings 28 Lions 24

The Lions have been in a bit of a tailspin after a good start losing 3 straight. However each game has been close as will this one, although in the end the Vikings will get the win.


Broncos 24 Saints 13

The Broncos coming off a bye week refreshed head down to New Orleans grab some Cajun food and get a Big Easy win before galloping home.


Buccaneers 20 49ers 6

The Buccaneers get to have some fun hammering the awful 49ers, who proved last week even with a lead they are on the verge of losing at any time.


Raiders 24 Chargers 20

Both teams are coming off a bye. One the Chargers a young team playing well will have a tough time getting it started while the Raiders a veteran team will find a way for the upset at home.


Seahawks 34 Dolphins 3

The Jim Bates era begins for the Dolphins whose season has their ready to check into the Bates motel. Look for the Seahawks to sore while the Dolphins lose their 9th game for the first time in 16 years.


Falcons 27 Giants 17

Eli Manning gets thrown into the friar against the Flacons a team that has played well most of the season on defense. Look for him to play well at times but it won’t be enough as the Falcons win in the Meadowlands for the 3rd straight year.


Eagles 38 Redskins 17

The Redskins offense is dreadful against the Eagles their defense will look dreadful as well as T.O. waltzes, dances and skates his way to another multiple Touchdown game.


Packers 31 Texans 27

The Packers are red hot look for them to win their 5th straight in prime time against the Texans as Brett Favre has another big day, in a QB showdown against David Carr.


Patriots 28 Chiefs 17

The Patriots are back on track again winning two straight after their 21-game winning streak ended. Look for them to breeze by the Chiefs whose defense can’t stop a Pop Warner team from scoring.