4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 10-6 .625
Season Total: 104-84 .553



Falcons 31 Raiders 13

After being shut out by the Buccaneers last week the Falcons rebound by hammering the Raiders to sew up the NFC South, as Michael Vick enjoys a big day against the Raiders aging defense.


Ravens 24 Giants 0

The Giants last year lost their last 8 games, this year their losing streak is at 5 and counting as it appears that Rookie QB Eli Manning is not ready for the speed of the NFL and the pressure of New York. Against the Ravens the Giants will be lucky just to dent the scoreboard.


Bills 38 Browns 13

Two teams with no chance to make the playoffs the Bills trying to build momentum are playing their best ball of the season, while the Browns have gone to the post office brought a book of stamps and are just mailing it in.


Cowboys 24 Saints 20

The Cowboys appear to have found a new star in RB Julius Jones who has been the driving force in two straight wins, against the Saints poor run defense look for another big day as the Cowboys keep their hopes alive.


Packers 34 Lions 27

The Lions and Packers have the tendency to hook up in shootouts, and this one will not be any different as the Packers win behind a big day from Brett Favre, but the Lions keep it with in shouting distance all the way.


Colts 44 Texans 24

The question is no longer if Peyton Manning will break Dan Marino’s record of 48 Touchdowns its when, will it be this week? It very well could, as he will at the very least tie the mark as the Colts gallop to 44 points and another win.


Jaguars 17 Bears 13

The Jaguars, who were the surprise team in the AFC in the early going have crashed back to earth and sit at 6-6, look for them to find some of their early season magic against the Bears who are on their 4th Quarterback.


Vikings 24 Seahawks 20

After a 3-0 start the Seahawks are reeling at 6-6 no team has underachieved more look for the struggles to continue has they fall below .500 with a last minute lost to the Vikings.


Patriots 20 Bengals 13

The Patriots are cruising at 11-1, while the Bengals have fought hard just to make it to 6-6. Look for the Benagls to put up a good fight as they keep the game close all the way until Tom Brady pulls it out with a late score.


Broncos 31 Dolphins 3

Its Week 14 the misery for the Dolphins is almost over the season in the Bates Motel has just 4 more games to go. Heading to Denver will not be a reprieve as AJ “I love to have Interceptions returned for Touchdowns” Feely is in the giving mood once again and repeats his 5 Interception performance of last week.


Steelers 17 Jets 13

This game could be a tough one for the Steelers, as the Jets don’t make many mistakes. Look for it to be close all the way, but for the home field to give the Steelers a slight edge in a defensive struggle.


Cardinals 28 49ers 10

The 49ers get a chance for their second win facing the forever-sorry Cardinals, whom they beat earlier in the season for their only win. However with the game being in the desolate stands of Sun Devil Stadium look for the 49ers hopes for a second win dry up, amidst the tumble weeds in a stadium resembling a ghost town.


Panthers 27 Rams 17

The defending NFC Champion Panthers after a 1-7 start are suddenly alive and well with 4 straight wins; look for them to stay hot against the Rams who will likely be starting Chris Chandler at Quarterback.


Buccaneers 24 Chargers 20

The Last time the Buccaneers traveled to San Diego they left with the Lombardi Trophy beating the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII. Look for them to come home with hope this time as they stun the Chargers to stay afloat in the NFC.


Eagles 41 Redskins 13

The Eagles continue to fly high as the Redskins after a good game last week return to their season long struggles as the Eagles the lone good team in the NFC win going away.


Cheifs 34 Titans 31

Two teams expected to be contenders just playing out the string, ABC must be thrilled, this why in the future they will move games late in the season. Look for the Chiefs to get the win in a shoot out of struggling defenses.