4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 9-7 .563
Season Total: 121-99 .550



Vikings 31 Packers 27

The Packers are stumbling at the wrong time, facing the Vikings on the road on Christmas Eve they will watch the Division slip away as Daunte Culpepper out guns Brett Favre.


Chiefs 30 Raiders 24

The Chiefs offense is firing on all cylinders unfortunately their defense is still getting burnt on every play look for the Chiefs to win but f0or it to be a hard fought shoot out.


Titans 37 Broncos 27

Titans QB Bill Volek and WR Drew Bennett are on fire if only their defense can hold a team under 30 they may actually win. This week they actually do as the Broncos collapse continues.


Bengals 27 Giants 13

After playing well against the Steelers the Giants go to Cincinnati and struggle as the Bengals keep their hopes of a .500 season alive by handing the Giants their 8th straight loss.


Lions 24 Bears 20

The Lions cant win for losing last week after a great rally that would have tied the game the Lions blew the snap on the extra point. This week look for them to suffer a little hang over as they struggle to beat the injured Bears.


Colts 35 Chargers 21

The streaking Chargers run into a brick wall named Manning as the Colts expose weaknesses all over the 11-3 Western Division Champions as Peyton gets 3 TDs to reach 50.


Jaguars 17 Texans 13

The Jaguars last week went into the frozen tundra and came out a winner, this week at home they have to be weary of a letdown as the Texans will give them a fight, before the Jags pull it out in the final minutes.


Saints 20 Falcons 17

The Saints have new life after stunning the Cowboys and Buccaneers in consecutive weeks, look for them to continue to stay alive as they beat the Falcons who will see little or no Michael Vick.


Steelers 24 Ravens 13

The Steelers looking to avenge their only loss on the season take apart the Ravens slowly but surely as they clinch Home Field throughout the playoffs.


Buccaneers 20 Panthers 16

The Buccaneers, who may have let their last hope for the playoffs slip out of their hands last week, complicate the NFC clouded playoff chase further by knocking off the Panthers at home.


Jets 24 Patriots 20

Coming off a stunning Monday Night loss to the Dolphins find no easy road back to winning as they suffer their second straight loss to the Jets, who have not allowed any points after halftime in 7 of 14 games this season.


49ers 24 Bills 20

The Bills are red hot the 49ers are dreadful, but face it the Bills are due for a letdown and they suffer it as the 49ers erase any hopes of the Bills slipping into the playoffs, as the injury to Willis McGahee leads to several mistakes from Drew Bledsoe.


Cowboys 27 Redskins 20

The last time the Redskins played well in Dallas was when Joe Gibbs had his first tenure. Look for the Cowboys to stick it to their rivals again.


Seahawks 38 Cardinals 17

The Seahawks avoid a second loss to the Cardinals by actually showing up for a change as they look to keep control of the dreadful NFC West.


Dolphins 24 Browns 6

The Dolphins have been terrible all year but they give an honest effort every week, and it rewarded them with a win over the Patriots on Monday. The Browns might as well already be on vacation because they have not even tried in weeks.


Eagles 27 Rams 17

The Eagles looking to prove they can win without TO put up a solid Monday Night effort against the fading Rams as Mike Martz makes St. Louis fans scratch their heads raw.