4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 6-10 .375
Season Total: 127-109 .538



Ravens 23 Dolphins 0

The Dolphins have won 2 in a row but it won’t reach 3 as they face Ravens team that still has an outside shot at making the playoffs, while starting 3rd string QB Sage Rosenfelds. If the Dolphins crack the endzone it will be a surprise.


Bills 24 Steelers 14

The Bills are the hottest teams in the NFL, while the Steelers at 14-1 are the best. However the Bills have everything to play for while the Steelers will be resting up with home field advantage locked up. Look for the Steelers team to resemble a preseason game as they put up little resistance to the Bills.


Panthers 24 Saints 20

This game might as well already be a playoff game as the winner could earn the coveted 6th and final playoff spot in the NFC. Look for it to be close throughout as the playoff tested Panthers battling all the way back from1-7 edge the Saints to march into the postseason.


Packers 27 Bears 20

The Packers have nothing to play for like many other playoff teams that may be resting stars, but pride will not let them be swept by the rival Bears as Brett Favre has a solid game to closeout the season in a Packers win.


Texans 34 Browns 13

The Texans with a win can earn their first 8-8 season in franchise history, facing the prideless Browns that should be no problem as the Texans hit their off season on a high note against the Browns who have been on vacation since October.


Patriots 27 49ers 10

The Patriots too have nothing to play for but against the 49ers just about anybody on their roster can win. Look for Brady to exit after the 1st Quarter but for the game to be over at the National Anthem as the Patriots win easy.


Bengals 21 Eagles 17

The Eagles had nothing to play for on Monday and it looked like a game in August, as they were lifeless in a loss to the Rams. Look for more of the same this week as they are beaten by the Bengals at home.


Jets 24 Rams 20

The Jets with a win can propel themselves into the postseason for the3rd timein4 years. Each time previous they also needed a win in their final game. Look for the Jets to take control early as Mike Martz continues to confuse and confound fans as to the secrets he holds that allow him to keep his job.


Lions 34 Titans 24

The Lions can end the season on a strong note an avoid10lossesby beaten the bruised and battered Titans whose roster resembles a medicial dictionary, as their season of pain mercifully ends.


Redskins 24 Vikings 21

Last year the Vikings choked away a playoff spot on the road to the sorry Cardinal. It will be Déjà vu all over again in Washington as the Vikings drop their final game to the Redskins.


Buccaneers 20 Cardinals 17

The Cardinals suck this no one can deny the worst franchise the history of sport my oh my, will they beat the Bucs to end the season on a high note? Chances are remote as the Bucs win amidst a family and friends at the empty Sun Devil Stadium.


Seahawks 27 Falcons 17

The Seahawks with a win can earn the NFC west if you call 9-7 earning it. Look for them to take advantage of a Falcons team that may be resting half of their team on the way to the playoffs as they win easily.


Broncos 27 Colts 24

The Colts too have nothing to play for but Peyton Manning will play at least a half. Will it be enough to outscore the Broncos, not likely unless QB Jake Plummer has a terrible game. None the less it should be close, and the Broncos will be sweating it out at the end.


Jaguars 27 Raiders 16

The Jaguars need a win to have any chance at the playoffs look for them to get the job done as they shut down the Raiders and end the season on a high note, despite not being able to get the help that they need.


Chiefs 34 Chargers 30

The Chargers yet another team with nothing to play for as they rest up for the final game of the season look for Rookie QB Phillip Rivers to make his debut as the Chiefs end the season on a high note with another shoot out win to finish 8-8.


Giants 17 Cowboys 13

The Giants last year lost their final 8 games to close the season, this year they have 8 straight with one more to play. Look for them to final end their slide as Eli Manning who has played well the last 2 weeks finally gets his first win in a season ending game against the Cowboys.