4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 10-6 .625
Season Total: 21-11 .656



Falcons 35 Cardinals 13

After a sluggish win in Week 1 Michael Vick was flying high in Week 2 as the Falcons destroyed the Rams, this week it will be even easier as Vick rushes for 100 yards and passes for 200 in an easy win over the Cardinals


Bengals 20 Ravens 13

In Week 1 Carson Palmer played well despite losing, last week he played poorly and the Bengals won, this week he will properly align things playing well as the Bengals get the win as a home underdog.


Eagles 24 Lions 20

Both team have played well so far no one better then the Eagles, who beat the Vikings in impressive fashion Monday Night. This one could be close but the experience of the Eagles should win out in the end.


Chiefs 24 Texans 20

The Texans have not looked good at all so far, while the Chiefs defense has been non-existent. The loser of this game’s season could already be over at 0-3. The Chiefs simply are too good to let that happen. However, they will sweat it out at the end.


Dolphins 6 Steelers 3

This game should come with a warning do not operate heavy machinery as the Dolphins offense is non-existent while the Steelers are starting a rookie at QB. The Dolphins should win this game that promises to be filled with turnovers.


Vikings 27 Bears 20

Coming off a solid win against the Packers on the road the Bears are flying high, only they find themselves in another tough match against the Vikings. They won’t win this time but they will keep it close.


Giants 17 Browns 13

The Giants and Browns have both played solid defense this season, while their offenses have continually misfired. Without TE Kellen Winslow the Browns are down a man and with the home field the Giants have the edge.


Rams 24 Saints 20

The Rams have simply played sloppy in their first 2 games, barely beating the pathetic Cardinals before a blow out loss to the Falcons. Making them 7-point favorites is quite puzzling. However, they should still be able to beat a banged up Saints team.


Titans 17 Jaguars 13

The Jaguars defense has been outstanding so far stealing two games for their offense that has netted just 20 points so far. The defense will keep them in the game again, but this time they will not win.


Broncos 27 Chargers 13

Jake Plummer has historically destroyed the Chargers having two of his best games last years against San Diego. The Chargers also enter this game with QB Drew Brees a question mark after getting his bell rung last week; this should be an easy win for the


Colts 31 Packers 20

The Packers after a solid win in Week 1 looked bad against the Bears in Week 2, while the Titans finally come home after 2 tough road games. Look for the Colts to be energized as Peyton Manning has a big day.


Seahawks 24 49ers 10

The 49ers have played the first 2 games tight yet have nothing to show for it, with RB Kevan Barlow limping, and the Seahawks coming home 2-0 there wont be anything close about this one as the Seahawks win by at least 3 Touchdowns.


Buccaneers 13 Raiders 10

In a rematch of Super Bowl XXXVII, Warren Sapp faces his former team for the first time while longtime Raider hero Tim Brown returns home aboard a new ship. However, both teams are a far cry from that day in San Diego just 21 months ago look for the Bucs defense to carry the day.


Cowboys 20 Redskins 17

The Redskins could not have possibly played any worse last week with 7 turnovers in an ugly loss to the New York Giants. That’s not the way they want to be playing entering their first match up against the Cowboys who have dismantled the Redskins routinely