4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 7-7 .786
Season Total: 56-32 .636



Ravens 7 Bills 3

This one could set football back years as Drew Bledsoe looks like he will be a sitting target for the Ravens defense. However without Jamal Lewis the Ravens offense will look just as bad in this game where neither team will score an offensive TD.


Panthers 20 Chargers 13

For the second week in a row the Chargers are asked to fly coast-to-coast to play an early game, this week they face a Panthers team that is desperate for a win and plays like it as they run over the Chargers all day.


Eagles 24 Browns 20

The Eagles are due for a poor performance. This week will be it the only question is can they hold on for the win. Against the Browns that answer would be yes as they win by the skin of their teeth.


Colts 34 Jaguars 13

The Bengals have struggled so far as Carson Palmer gets used to the NFL style of play. A week off should aid in his growth and they should be able to come out strong in an upset win over the Browns.


Falcons 24 Chiefs 20

The Chiefs are officially in a lost season as they fell to the Jaguars last week, this week they struggle again as Michael Vick has the best game of his season as the Falcons win on the road.


Rams 17 Dolphins 7

The Dolphins are terrible there is no other way around it so far they have allowed 4 TDs on Interceptions returns while scoring just 4 themselves, look for that trend to continue as the score 1 and allow another in another ugly loss.


Vikings 28 Titans 24

The Titans are without doubt one of the biggest disappointments on the young season while Daunte Culpepper is an early candidate for MVP. However with Randy Moss questionable the Vikings offense could struggle a bit in covering the number.


Lions 30 Giants 17

The Giants are due for a let down. Historically it has come off their bye week, and it happens again here as the Lions whose loss last week was just a mere bump in the road for a young team rebound nicely.


Buccaneers 10 Bears 6

These two teams are lost the Bucs have fallen off the cliff fast from winning the Super Bowl two years ago while the Bears have been stagnate for years. This one will be ugly as the Bucs who have played better lately win by margin


Patriots 24 Jets 20

In battle of unbeaten the Patriots are clearly the better team as the Jets has sputtered their way to 5-0 benefiting from the tailwind of an easy schedule look for it to be close though as the Pats never truly blow anyone out as the Jets get the cover.


Seahawks 27 Cardinals 0

The Seahawks after two straight losses will be looking for a big rebound against the perpetually pathetic Cardinals they have the perfect patsy for their second shutout of the season.


Packers 34 Cowboys 24

The Packers finally played a good game last week stunning the Lions on the road, now they finally win at
Lambeau Filed as Brett Favre has a big game against the Cowboys.


Saints 24 Raiders 20

The Raiders continue to struggle as the Saints come in and run over their soft defense all game with Deuce McAllister and Aaron Brooks, as the Raiders start to focus on the future.


Broncos 30 Bengals 17

The Bengals have taken a step backward while the Broncos are looking like geniuses for the Portis for Bailey trade. Look for the Ruben Droughns to run for close to 200 yards a again as the Broncos run over the Bengals.