4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 7-7 .500
Season Total: 68-48 .586



Jets 24 Bills 13

The Jets are starting to take on the look of a real contender in the past a game like this would expose them as they would lose when they are expected to win, but not this time around as they win easily.


Panthers 27 Raiders 24

The last 2 Super Bowls losers meet in a match up that emphasizes misery loves company. Look for the Panthers to get the win, but it will be close through out as both teams struggle.


Bengals 24 Cowboys 17

The Cowboys played well last week in beating the Lions but they have many holes, while the Bengals look like they are about top turn the corner for a strong finish look for a big day from Rudi Johnson as the Bengals win by a TD.


Lions 24 Redskins 20

The Lions ever the young team learning to win will have peaks and valleys last week was a valley this week will be a peak as they beat the struggling Redskins at home.


Steelers 24 Eagles 20

Last week the Steelers snapped the winning streak of the Patriots, this weak they take on the NFL’s last remaining unbeaten team. From the 72 Dolphins they get a great big thank you as they win again as the Rothlisberger has a batter game then Big Mac.


Chiefs 38 Buccaneers 17

The Chiefs have turned the corner and are now playing like everyone expected at the start of the season. Look for another big game from Priest Holmes as the Chiefs win their 3rd straight.


Cardinals 20 Dolphins 16

You know things are bad for the Dolphins when they face the Cardinals and at home and they are not the better team. Look for the Cardinals to get the win on the road as the Dolphins woes continue.


Giants 31 Bears 10

The Bears are in the middle of a lost season while the Giants may be one of the biggest surprises in the NFL look for them to get another impressive win, as their focus under Coach Coughlin wont allow them to lose.


Saints 27 Chargers 24

Don’t be shocked if the Saints get the road upset as they face the Chargers in a battle of underrated Running Backs. It will be close through out and will come down to a field goal possibly even in overtime.


Seahawks 27 49ers 10

When the Seahawks and 49ers first met the 49ers suffered their first shutout in 27 years, things have not changed much since and the 49ers will struggle to score again, as the Seahawks start rolling.


Broncos 24 Texans 20

The Texans are not getting their due respect every week they are big underdogs yet they win or hold the game close. Look for them to throw a big scare into the suddenly shaky Broncos on the road.


Patriots 28 Rams 20

After suffering their first loss last week the Patriots rebound nicely against the up and down Rams, who will be coming off a bad loss to the Dolphins and a bye week flat.


Ravens 20 Browns 17

In Week 1 the Brown upset the Ravens and shut down Jamal Lewis, look for the Browns defense to big strong, again, but look the Ravens to get win in the end as both sides have defensive touchdowns.


Colts 42 Vikings 34

The sparks will fly and you will get whiplash as these two teams run up and down the field. Expect to see no punts and several long TD passes, as the two best Quarterbacks meet in a game in which the first to 40 will win the game.