2004 4caster Frank’s Weekly Picks

Last Week: 2-0 1.000
Playoff Record 7-4 .600
Regular Season Total: 134-118 .532

140-123 .532


0-1 .000

Patriots 24 Eagles 6

This past season there was two different leagues within the 1 NFL. One was a league where football was at its highest level with 4 stellar teams winning the divisions and 2 solid wild card teams, the other a mishmash of mediocre teams where there were only 2 quality teams. The defending champion Patriots emerged from the strong league along the way holding the top offense to 3 points and scoring 41 against the best defense. The Eagles from the other beating a Falcon team just starting to learn how to win and an 8-8 Vikings team. The Eagles could be full strength with T.O. returning but even if he was 100% they would not win. In the Divisional Playoffs the mouth of Colts kicker Mike Vandergat fired up the Pats defense more then ever, in the Super Bowl they are fired up again thanks to Freddie Mitchell, look for it to be a defensive struggle early but for teh Pats defense to emerge in the end with Teddy Bruschi winning the Super Bowl MVP for the Patriots who join the legends of other NFL dynasties.