4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 7-8 .467
Season Total: 110-82-4 .573



Dolphins 20 Patriots 17

Game of the Week: The final regular season game at Foxboro Stadium, and it could go along way in deciding the division title. Look for the Dolphins to win since they are the better team.


Eagles 20 49ers 17

The Eagles may just be the best road team in the NFL, it will be close all the way, but a late FG wins it for Philly.


Raiders 24 Titans 20

Last week not with standing the Raiders have allowed allot of points lately especially on the ground. Look for the Titans to keep it close before fading in the 4th.


Seahawks 17 Giants 9

The loser of this game is done for the season. Look for the Giants who have played terrible football to be the ones making getaway plans after this one.


Buccaneers 16 Saints 13

The winner of this game will be in the driver’s seat for the last playoff spot in the NFC. Look for it to be a struggle all game before Martin Gramatica hits the game winning FG and dances like a fool.


Rams 41 Panthers 10

This game is a mismatch on the highest level; the Panthers have about as much chance of winning this one as “Not Another Teen Movie” winning an Oscar.


Chargers 24 Chiefs 20

The Chargers have a 7 game losing streak that began with a home loss to the Chiefs, it will end with a road win in Kansas City.


Falcons 27 Bills 24

The Bills will manage to stay in this one until the end as the Falcons, who are on a late season fade win it with a late FG..


Redskins 17 Bears 13

Upset of the Week: The Redskins keep their faint playoff hopes alive by stunning the Bears.


Ravens 20 Bengals 0

Bengals QB Jon Kitna may just be one of the worst of all time, the Ravens defense will be angry after losing last week, and will have Kitna for breakfast, lunch, and diner.


Packers 24 Browns 13

The Browns have a black eye after last week’s bottle throwing incident. While the Packers need to finish strong for the playoffs.


Steelers 24 Lions 10

Yet another mismatch the Lions have as much chance of winning this one Emeril’s sitcom winning an Emmy.


Cardinals 13 Cowboys 9

XFL Stinker of the Week: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!!! Wake me when this game is over.


Jaguars 20 Vikings 17

The Jaguars have managed to play some solid football lately while the Vikings locker room squabbles are beginning to resemble Taiwan Parliament.*
*- Dedicated to Dennis Miller whose obscure references have us looking in our Encyclopedia Britannica every week.


Colts 38 Jets 35

The Jets never win in Indianapolis. This is the perfect situation for Peyton Manning to make a strong statement for next season.