2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 4-0 1.000
Grand Total: 143-117 .550
Regular Season Total: 139-117 .543

Divisional Playoff Round


Patriots 24 Jaguars 20

The Jaguars probably don’t have the weapons to beat the Patriots. However, they have enough to make life for Tom Brady very uncomfortable. The key is hitting Brady hard early and often. The Jaguars can not let up they must not be afraid of roughing the QB penalties, Brady must be hit again and again. Fred Taylor also plays a key role as the Pats defense can be run on. Look for both things to happen, as the Jags come close to an upset, but in the end just fall short.


Colts 27 Chargers 10

Early in the season the Chargers picked off Peyton Manning six times in a Sunday Night win. The Chargers also won their last game in Indianapolis ending the Colts unbeaten run in 2005. However, despite those six interceptions in November the Colts had a chance to win as Adam Vinatieri missed a late field goal. Things will be quite different this time, as Manning avoids making the big mistake and the Colts gallop away in the final game at the RCA Dome to a showdown with the Pats.

Packers 31 Seahawks 13

Four years ago when these two teams met in the playoffs at Lambeau Field, Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck declared, “We want the ball and were gonna score” in overtime. Maybe the former Brett Favre back up was confused as he was picked off by Al Harris who returned the ball all the way for a game winning TD. Hasselbeck need not worry about that happening again because the game will never be that close as the Packers will win easily.


Giants 31 Cowboys 27

The elements are ripe for a Giant upset, Terrell Owens is still limping around, Cowboys assistants are looking at various head coach openings, and Tony Romo is under the spell of Jessica Simpson. Nobody seems to be focusing on beating the surging Giants. The game is in Dallas, it dose not matter the Giants are better on the road winning eight straight after losing in Week 1 in Dallas, and that game was close. Look for the Giants to take full advantage, and win the game late.