2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

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Colts 31 Saints 27

Thursday Night kickoff could not be more thrilling as you have the defending Super Bowl Champions facing the Saints, in what promises to be a game of offensive fireworks. Look for neither defense to be able to make many stops, as Peyton Manning proves too strong in the end getting the Colts to a Week 1 win.


Broncos 24 Bills 13

Once upon a time this was a match up of the premier teams in the AFC, now the Bills are walking the desert, while the Broncos have dreams of ending the season playing in the Arizona Desert. Look for a Bills fans to not have much to shout about as the Broncos come in and start strongly with a road win.


Steelers 20 Browns 6

The Mike Tomlin era starts off with a win as the Steelers go into Cleveland and Rock the Browns. Look for a strong game from Ben Roethlisberger, as he will show that he is back in form after a rough 2006, while the Steelers defense shuts down the Browns, who should give Brady Quinn at least one series in the final quarter.


Packers 27 Eagles 24

One QB could be on his farewell victory tour, and the other is coming back off a knee injury. Both need to get off to a good start, and they will. Look for Brett Favre to get a charge from the Lambeau Field crowd as the Packers start 1-0 by edging the Eagles in what could be one of the best games of the weekend.


Texans 27 Chiefs 17

Two career back ups starting the season as the man for the first time, while the Texans Matt Schaub is young and finally getting his chance, the Chiefs Damon Huard, a veteran who has been a back up for decade may be just warming the seat for Brodie Croyle. Look for Schaub to give Texans fans reasons to cheer as they start 1-0 with a solid win.


Jaguars 17 Titans 13

David Garrard is now the starter for the Jaguars after the surprise release of Byron Leftwich. Meanwhile the Titans have to battle high expectations, while QB Vince Young has the double edged Sophomore Jinx and Madden Curse to battle. In Week 1 neither curse will do the Titans in just the Jags defense.


Vikings 24 Falcons 20

Michael Vick is a pro, and against a group of armatures, even on a riff raff team of prisoners, oh wait a second I thought I was doing the Mean Machine Game. The Vikings have beaten Joey Harrington before, and they will beat him again, as one of these two teams has to start 1-0 and it will be the Vikings.


Patriots 24 Jets 13

These two teams have seemingly been joined at the hip the last decade, with Bill Parcells leaving the Pats for the Jets and Bill Belichick quitting the Jets job have one day to go to the Pats, where he mentored current Jets Coach Eric Mangini. Look for the mentor to give the young Mangini another lesson, how to battle high expectations, and deal with


Panthers 27 Rams 17

Last year the Panthers began the season with Super Bowl expectations, but stubbed their toe with losses in their first two games. This year they make sure there is no replay as they go into St. Louis, and get a tough road win against the Rams. Look for a big day from Jake Delhomme who will be feeling the pressure of David Carr all year.


Dolphins 14 Redskins 7

Three decades and five years ago, the Dolphins set forth a team for the ages 17 wins and zero defeats, never done before, has not been done since. This year they will begin the anniversary of that great team by facing the same team they faced in Super Bowl. To honor that team they will beat the Redskins by the same score as Super Bowl VII.


Lions 34 Raiders 17

Last year the Colts beat the Bears in Super Bowl XLI, this year the Lions and Raiders face of in Stupor Bowl MMXVII. Last year these two teams combined for five whole wins, this year with a Week 1 match up, somebody will be 1-0. Look for that team to be the Lions, because they actually have talent as opposed to the Raiders, whose Coach is not even old enough to shave.


Chargers 20 Bears 9

This should be a good one, as both teams ended the season last year with the best record in their respective conferences, while the Bears made it to the Super Bowl, the Chargers fell short and have something to prove. Look for the Chargers to start the season with a solid win, as their defense proves to be too tough for the inconsistent Rex Grossman.


Seahawks 27 Buccaneers 10

The Buccaneers coming off a bad season last year start the season in an almost impossible position facing the Seahawks on the road. Not only is the travel bad for the Bucs, but Seattle is one of the best home fields in the NFL. Look for the 12th man to be screaming all day as the Seahawks win easily.


Cowboys 31 Giants 10

Last year the Cowboys season ended in the most painful of fashions as Tony Romo botched the hold on an easy Field Goal that would have given them a win in the playoffs. This year Romo, and the Cowboys get that taste out of their mouths in a big way by beginning the season with a big win against the Giants, as Tiki Barber rubs salt in the room from his perch next to the NBC Peacock.


Bengals 20 Ravens 17

Are you ready for some football? A Monday Night barn burner highlights the end of the first week of the season, as the AFC North’s top two teams face off. Look for the Bengals to get the first taste of blood as the home field helps them get the slight edge against the Ravens. Look for it to be close through out and possibly end in Overtime.


49ers 31 Cardinals 21

The 49ers are back among the living and ready to challenge for the playoffs again, look for them to get the season off on the right foot as they beat the Cardinals in the second game of a Monday Night Twin Bill. Look for a strong game from Alex Smith and Frank Gore, as the 49ers improved defense holds back Matt Leinart.