2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 9-5 .643
Season Total: 66-64 .508

Week 10


Panthers 20 Falcons 10

Can an old dog still find away to win as 72-year old QB Vinny Testeverde whose Hiesman Trophy is of legal drinking age gets the start for the Panthers. It could be worse and the Falcons best QB is not available for the next 18 months give or take time for good behavior. Look for the Panthers defense to be on the prowl as they squeak one out in a close game.


Packers 24 Vikings 13

It’s a battle of the legendary old QB having perhaps one last great season against the young RB who is already setting records in just his first eight games. On paper it sounds great in reality it’s a mismatch for the Vikings, as the Tundra is getting its early frost and the Packers defense will key on Adrian Peterson setting up an easy home win.


Chiefs 24 Broncos 13

On this week’s South Park, Kyle walks into a wild party with drugs and booze going on and sees Jay Cutler and says, “You kina Suck, but you may be good someday.’ Though after a leg injury he won’t get a chance this week as he will be out a few weeks, and the Broncos will be getting set to taken to the glue factory losing again on the road.


Bills 20 Dolphins 3

The last few times the Dolphins have played the Bills, the have had trouble getting to that place called the endzone, in fact they have not scored a TD since 2005 against the Bills. Meanwhile at 4-4 the Bills are rolling and starting to look like a team that can sneak into the playoffs, they won’t slip up this week as they squeeze Cleo Lemon all day.


Saints 30 Rams 13

Saints Alive, after a 0-4 start the New Orleans Saints are suddenly right back in the playoff picture with a chance to get a first place tie with a win. As for the Rams, Christmas may be six weeks away, but Rams fans are already sending Dear Santa letters asking for a new coach.


Steelers 27 Browns 20

The Browns have in a word been stunning, after getting trounced by the Steelers in Week 1, you would have been labeled insane if you could picture them at 5-3, but they are 5-3, but the bad news is the Steelers are back and though they may not trounce them again, they will certainly win the game.


Titans 17 Jaguars 7

Another game with QB issues, as David Garrard could return after missing three games for the Jaguars. If he plays they may have a slight chance to win, but since the Titans already beat them once I would not count on it. Look for defense to carry the days as this will likely be a low scoring game.


Redskins 24 Eagles 10

It has been a nightmarish year for the Eagles, as Coach Andy Reid is watching his team getting beat on the field, while his sons are getting to know a man named Bubba in Prison after being sent away for the next two years, meanwhile Donovan McNabb is crying and the Eagles hopes are dying.


Ravens 24 Bengals 13

When they met in Week 1 this was a battle for first place, now it’s a battle for survival as the Bengals will be finished with a loss, and the Ravens will be on life support. The Ravens have the home field edge, while the Bengals may get a boost from the return of Chris Henry. However, the Bengals defense is the source of the problem and the reason they will lose again.


Lions 41 Cardinals 20

The greatest show on turf is no longer based in St. Louis, it has moved to Detroit as the Lions, yes the Lions are 6-2 with one of the league’s most exciting offenses, and you laughed when Jon Kitna said they would win 10 games, well who is laughing now as they beat the Cardinals and improve to 7-2.


Cowboys 27 Giants 20

Historically the Giants never play well coming off their bye week, and returning from London they will be truly tested as they go against the Cowboys. No they won’t allow 45 points like they did in Week 1, but they won’t win either, look for Dallas to seize full control of the NFC East with a solid win in the Meadowlands.


Bears 24 Raiders 10

The Bears are hardly looking like Monsters of the Midway, as their defense has struggled all season, while the Raiders are sunk in a sea of mediocrity. But to mediocre you have to win some games, and their win against the Browns was lucky and their other win against the Dolphins was well against the Dolphins, wow mediocrity would be an improvement and the Raiders are at the bottom of loser’s cape.


Colts 34 Chargers 20

Last week Adrian Peterson sliced, diced, and fricasseed the Chargers defense for 296 yards rushing, now they get to me the chef master Peyton Manning, while the game is not in Peyton’s place, the Chargers are a shell of their 14-2 team from last year losing again to the Colts who will expose the Chargers defense through the air.


Seahawks 34 49ers 10

Last year the 49ers swept the Seahawks, as QB Alex Smith came of age in two big divisional wins. However, with the 49ers stuck at 2-6 the entire team has taken a step back with injuries playing a big role, the Seahawks have not been much better, but given the opportunity to pounce they will winning big on Monday Night.