2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 10-6 .625
Season Total: 82-78 .513

Week 12


Lions 24 Packers 20

The Packers are not going to go 15-1, they have had a great season, and should win the division and have an excellent chance to play for the NFC Championship, but they will lose again, and that next loss will come on Thanksgiving against an improved but desperate Lions team that needs to get back on track after two straight losses.


Cowboys 38 Jets 13

The Jets ended a six game losing streak by stunning the Steelers at home, amidst rowdy Jets fans and their now infamous Gate D Party. However, they won’t get lucky two weeks in a row, as the Cowboys bring a much tougher test on Thanksgiving no less. Look for a big game from Tony Romo, as the Cowboys win easily.


Colts 20 Falcons 13

The Colts are a little banged up right now, while the Falcons just plain stink and after Byron Leftwich laid an egg last week; Joey Harrington is back under center. Will it help them win nope, but take the dogs here as the spread is way too high even if the Colts were completely healthy.


Saints 24 Panthers 20

Vinnie Testeverde won the Heisman Trophy in 1986, on the day he won the Heisman, Saints RB Reggie Bush was going through the terrible twos. The Saints get back on track this week, as the Panthers playoff chances go on life support, at least with Vinnie they get a senior citizen’s discount.


Titans 27 Bengals 24

The Bengals may be among the biggest let downs in the NFL this year, at 3-7 their playoff hopes are down the drain, at least nobody has been arrested lately. Look for the Titans to get back on track after two straight losses by out slugging the Bengals in Paul Brown Stadium.


Browns 27 Texans 17

There is something special about this Browns team, who appeared to have lost a key game to the Ravens, only to have the officials correctly reverse themselves and allow them to win in overtime. Coming home against the Texans they stay right in the thick of the playoff chase by winning a little more comfortably.


Jaguars 24 Bills 10

After starting 1-4, the Bills seemed to have their season turned around winning four straight. However, a 56-10 loss to the Patriots put an end to that, and let the air out of the tires, look for the Bills to struggle again as they are beaten easily by the Jagaurs.


Chiefs 20 Raiders 10

Despite losing last week on the road, the Chiefs hung tough holding the Colts to just 13 points. Now back home at Arrowhead, look for another stellar effort from the Chiefs defense as they shutdown the Raiders, who will likely be giving JaMarcus Russell his first playing time at some point in the game.


Giants 24 Vikings 13

This has been a year of exceeding expectations for the Giants, who at 7-3 are in the driver’s seat for a Wild Card spot. Look for the Giants to stay on a roll as they easily fend of a Vikings team playing without Adrian Peterson.


Seahawks 27 Rams 17

When the Rams were last home they were booed off the field at 0-8 heading into a bye week. Since they have won two games on the road, but coming home they let down their fans again, as they will be facing a Seahawks team that looks poised to go on a real strong roll.


Buccaneers 20 Redskins 10

The Redskins after a strong start appear to be fading fast, while the Buccaneers have clear sailing to a division title as long as they continue to win the games they are supposed to win. This is one of those games they are supposed to win, and they will as they keep a two game cushion on the rest of the lackluster south.


Cardinals 31 49ers 13

Since they met in Week 1, both teams have gone in opposite directions, as the Cardinals at 5-5 are a genuine playoff contender, while the 49ers after a 2-0 start are fumbling at 2-8, with a lost season. Look for the 49ers struggles to continue as Alex Smith continues to ache and Frank Gore shows one man can’t do it by himself.


Broncos 27 Bears 20

After struggling most of the season the Broncos appear to be getting back on track as Jay Cutler, as settled in and had two stellar games in a row, while the defending NFC Champion Bears are on the verge of fading out of the race before December. Look for both trends to continue this week.


Chargers 24 Ravens 10

Two reigning division champions suffering let downs in 2007. While the Chargers have stayed afloat and are tied for the AFC West lead, the Ravens have sunk, and coming off their devastating loss last week, prospects of an improvement are not looking too good. Look for the Chargers to win easily as the farewell Brian Billick tour starts in Baltimore.


Patriots 38 Bills 17

It must be Thanksgiving for a spread this big, 22½ points in the NFL? That’s never been seen before; true the Pats have trounced everyone and are unstoppable, +22½? No I just don’t see it look for the Pats to win, but the Eagles to sneak in and get a cover.


Steelers 27 Dolphins 3

Thanksgiving means football, and when I think football in the fall I think about Charlie Brown lining up for the kick and Lucy pulling the football away as he screamed and hurdled through the air. It happened every time, and Charlie Brown fell for it every time, just like the Dolphins welcoming back Ricky Williams, well at least they can get buzzed when losing this week.