2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 11-5 .688
Season Total: 111-91 .526

Week 14


Bears 24 Redskins 10

Sean Taylor’s funeral was Monday, and the realization he is gone is just setting in he is gone is just hitting the Redskins, who have only three days to recover and face the Bears, and this is not even considering the heart breaking loss Sunday. If the Redskins are even in this game mentally it will be a great accomplishment.


Bills 23 Dolphins 6

John Beck is not the answer either, as the long list of terrible Quarterbacks trying to fill the void from Dan Marino grows ever so longer, a loss and the Dolphins will officially be on the clock for the 2008 NFL Draft. Even when the Dolphins were good they could not win in December in Buffalo.


Bengals 24 Rams 17

In a battle of two of the most disappointing teams in the NFL trying to finish the season on a strong note, look for the Bengals to use the home field edge to win a close game, as these two are fairly evenly matched, but in December it is always tough for a dome team to come out in the elements.


Cowboys 45 Lions 17

At 6-2 Jon Kitna looked like profit for predicting the Lions will go 10-6. Now at 6-6 the Lions look like the Lions, and Matt Millen is the target of jeers again. Look for the Lions defense to get smoked by the Cowboys, as they clinch the NFC East while the Lions focus on making year 51 of the rebuilding plan the one that counts.


Packers 31 Raiders 17

Brett Favre is a freak of nature, no matter what the pain he finds a way to play, look for him to heal up nicely and return, as the Raiders brief two game winning streak comes to a harsh end in the now frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Expect to see plenty of rookie QB LaMarcus Russell in the second half.


Buccaneers 17 Texans 13

The Buccaneers just find a way to win, that has been the pattern all season. Look for it to continue as the Texans will give them all they could handle, but in the end a battle of solid defenses will go to the veteran Buccaneers who will be clinching the NFC Southern Division Championship in a year most picked them to finish last.


Jaguars 24 Panthers 3

Despite losing to the Colts last week, the Jaguars played well Look for them to have another strong game as they face a considerably weaker Panthers team. Look for the Panthers offense to heave and limp up the field as if they had a senior citizen at Quarterback, oh that’s right they do.


Giants 20 Eagles 17

The Eagles season is on the edge of the cliff, a loss here and its focus on the draft, a win and they still have a fighter’s chance. However, with Donovan McNabb hurt, and back up AJ Feely shaky at best, the knock out punch is heading their way at the hands of the Giants who should be rejuvenated with their comeback win last week.


Chargers 27 Titans 17

Both teams are 7-5 and feel they should be better, while the Titans recovered from a three game losing streak last week the Chargers are showing signs of getting on a roll, as LaDainian Tomlinson had his best game of the season in their win over the Chiefs. Look for another big game from LT as the Chargers zap the Titans.


Vikings 34 49ers 13

This one is a mismatch in every sense of the word. The Vikings after a slow start are one of the hottest teams in the NFL making it to 6-6 after a 3-6 start, while the 49ers have just one win since starting 2-0. Look for the Vikings to continue the charge to the playoffs led by super Rookie Adrian Peterson.


Seahawks 27 Cardinals 13

The Cardinals have one last chance to make a run at the division title and it’s this week in Seattle. Look for the game to be close early, but in the end they will be crushed by the 12th man as the Seahawks who just know how to win all but lock up another division championship at Qwest Field.


Broncos 27 Chiefs 13

A survival game in every sense of the word, as two struggling teams meet with the loser’s season being officially shot while the winner has a long road to go to get back on track. When the Broncos were going bad a few weeks ago they got back on track with a win in Kansas City, now with the Chiefs coming to Denver they do it again.


Patriots 20 Steelers 17

The Patriots will go undefeated, it is in the script, the NFL wants it and it will happen, even if they are about to lose the Referees have been instructed to let them win, so no matter what the score they will have a friend in stripes to bail them out. Look for the Steelers to have a chance to win, only to see the zebras win it for the Pats.


Browns 30 Jets 20

After a bad loss on the road last week the Browns will be looking to rebound when they face the Jets this Sunday. Last season when the Jets were good and the Browns were bad the Browns found a way to win. Look for this to be the case again, as the Browns end the Jets one game winning streak.


Colts 38 Ravens 13

After losing in such gut wrenching fashion two of the last three weeks and six straight overall the Ravens season is pretty much up in smoke, as the seat for Brian Billick starts to get uncomfortably warm. Last year was different as they were the second seed in the playoffs, before they were knocked out by the Colts who hit them hard again on Sunday Night.


Saints 31 Falcons 20

24 – 32- 45 -56 Now those are not audible calls, that is Michael Vick new number, as he officially gets set to move in with bubba as he is sentenced for Dog Fighting. Meanwhile is former team is being sentenced too on Monday. Sentenced to another loss, and continued existence in irrelevance.