2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 12-4 .750
Season Total: 113-95 .543

Week 15


Broncos 24 Texans 20

A moment of truth game on a Thursday Night as two 6-7 teams face off for survival, with both teams coming off big wins. Look for the Broncos coming off a big performance against the Chiefs to keep rolling as they beat the Texans in a close battle to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.


Bengals 27 49ers 13

The NFL Network only a select few have it, and with this game on Saturday Night only a select few will want it. Look for the Bengals to win this one as the 49ers enter the game with a 3rd string QB, with Alex Smith undergoing surgery and fighting with his coach. The surgery is to fix his shoulder, but the scar word will forever remain scratched on his forehead.


Seahawks 27 Panthers 10

The Playoffs start in a few weeks, and the Seahawks may be the hottest team by the time they arrive, after a slow start they have secured another division title, and are playing their best football at the right time of the year. Look for them to stay red hot as they put the Panthers out of their misery.


Browns 23 Bills 20

Believe it or not this could be a key battle for the playoffs as the Browns can put distance between themselves and the rest of the bunch for the 6th and final playoff spot, while the Bills within one game of that precious 6th spot, with tiebreaker in hand. Look for it to be close through out as the Browns win another game with a last minute field goal.


Titans 27 Chiefs 16

The Titans playoff hopes are in critical condition, this game now amounts to a must win. Fortunately for them the Chiefs season is shot, look for the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium to be kept quiet all day as they continue to watch a dreadful Chiefs team get pushed around at the end of the season.


Dolphins 13 Ravens 10

Two weeks ago they were one play away from beating the Patriots, now they will be on the wrong end of the stick as they end up being the first win for the dreadful Dolphins. The Dolphins have looked worse then ever the last two weeks, but the Ravens are shot, 7 straight losses, and a coach’s head on the chopping block, equal a team about to mail it in.


Patriots 56 Jets 10

The Patriots are classless and disgusting in every sense of the word, with a coach who may indeed be the world’s biggest asshole. The Jets exposed them for the vile cheater they are, and now pay back will come as the Pats stomp them unmercifully. Look for the Pats to be rolling up the score, as they try to embarrass the Jets as much as possible.


Saints 24 Cardinals 17

Another game of pure survival, with the winner having a chance, as the loser has to focus on the draft. Look for the home standing Saints to keep their playoff hopes alive, by beating the Cardinals as the Saints continue to benefit from a simplified offensive scheme without Reggie Bush.


Jaguars 12 Steelers 9

The Jaguars have this knack for beating the Steelers, and after a crushing loss in Foxboro they are ripe for the pickins again. Look for the Jaguars defense to bottle up Ben Roethlisberger all game, as a defensive struggle keeps the endzone at Heinz Field untouched again, with the Jags winning a game of Field Goals.


Packers 31 Rams 10

Brett Favre is a true wonder in every sense of the word, playing at age of 38 like he did when he was a NFL MVP at 28. Look for another special game from the legend as he carves up the pathetic Rams, wile the Packers underrated defense feasts on the Rams unimaginative depleted offense.


Buccaneers 27 Falcons 13

After a hiccup in Houston, the Buccaneers benefit from the return of Jeff Garcia to clinch the NFC South as they face a Falcons team whose best QB is in black and white stripes, whose current QB was selling insurance and reporting from the Louisville sideline, while their Coach is running out the door like the Three Stooges after a 13-game tenure.


Colts 38 Raiders 13

Number one overall pick JaMarcus Russell gets another opportunity to see greatness up close as the Raiders host Peyton Manning and the Colts. Look for another big game and an early exit for Manning as the Colts gallop up and down the field early, while Russell stars late for the remaining fans in the black hole.


Cowboys 38 Eagles 17

The Cowboys love to hammer the Eagles whenever they can and with an Eagles team all but out of it, the Cowboys must be licking their chops. Look for huge games from Tony Romo who plays catch all game with Terrell Owens, who gets even more pleasure out of burying his former teammates.


Chargers 31 Lions 10

Sing-along time: Its beginning to look allot like Christmas, everywhere you go the Lions are heading for 6-10, and the fans are calling for Matt Millen’s head again. All Matt Millen wants for Christmas is another WR yes another WR, gee if he only picked Joe Thomas the Lions fans may have a Merry Christmas. Chargers win going away.


The Giants know how to beat the Redskins and beat the Redskins they will again as they close in on the 5th seed in the NFC Playoffs, with their 10th win. Not bad after looking dreadful the first 10 quarters of the season. Look for them to have a field day as they make a Sunday Night statement.


Vikings 34 Bears 13

When they met in Chicago, Adrian Peterson I should say the Vikings Adrian Peterson had a break out game leading the Vikings to an upset win that helped turnaround their season. Meanwhile after trading Thomas Jones and losing Cedric Benson to injury the Bears Adrian Peterson is now starting. The one on the Bears not so good, neither are the Bears.