2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 7-9 .438
Season Total: 120-104 .536



Steelers 27 Rams 13

After two straight losses the Steelers are due for a bounce back game, and facing the lowly Rams who were finished before the World Series even started gives them the perfect opportunity. Look for the best moment of the game to come when the Rams retire Marshall Faulk’s number at halftime, then watch fans sprint for the exits as the Steelers win.


Cowboys 17 Panthers 9

Thumb’s up or thumb’s down is the big question here for the Cowboys as Tony Romo is coming off his worst career game with a sprained thumb. Look for him to play a little bit better, but it won’t be easy as the Panthers keep the game close. However, in the end the Panthers just don’t have the offensive talent to get the win.


Bills 20 Giants 10

Following this game at Ralph Wilson Stadium, crews will begin preparing the field for a giant hockey rink for a rare outdoor NHL game between the Sabres and Penguins, while reminding the Bills about last week’s blizzard bowl in Cleveland. The Giants on the other hand look like they are in the midst of yet another December nose dive.


Packers 24 Bears 20

With the Cowboys loss last week, the Packers suddenly are back in the picture for home field again, as they look to avenge their earlier loss to the Bears at home. For the Bears all there is left is pride. Pride can get you only so far though as the Bears offense dose not have many weapons, though they will certainly make the Packers sweat it out til the end.


Bengals 41 Browns 38

Some how this feels backwards, the Bengals were supposed to challenge for the division title at 9-5, while the Browns were supposed to be rebuilding and happy with 5-9. Still the disappointing Bengals have one Super Bowl, and this is it. Look for another game of offensive fireworks, but this time the Bengals will emerge throwing a monkey wrench into the Browns playoff hopes.


Lions 24 Chiefs 13

Something has to give here, the Lions have lost six straight the Chiefs have lost their last seven. The game is in Detroit so the edge has to go to the Lions, but is there really a home field advantage when you are being lustfully booed? Maybe, maybe not, but I do know one thing the Chiefs offense sucks.


Colts 24 Texans 20

The Texans may now be out of the playoff picture, but they can still finish the season with a winning record. However, going into Indianapolis could be a real bump in the road. While the Colts are locked in the two seed, may not be full throttle they should still win, but it will be very close.


Jaguars 24 Raiders 7

The Raiders have quietly played very well lately, winning two games, while holding a brief lead over the Colts in the 4th Quarter. The Jaguars have played well all season, and their 10-4 record would get allot more attention if it were not for the Pats, Colts, Cowboys, and Packers. Look for them to cruise to 11-4 as they shut down the Raiders at home.


Saints 20 Eagles 13

The Saints may be a playoff long shot, but after a 0-4 start getting back over .500 would be a great accomplishment. Look for them to achieve that minor victory as they continue to finish what has been a disappointing season on a strong note by pounding the Eagles, who could be in the last days of the Donovan McNabb era.


Cardinals 27 Falcons 7

The Falcons have followed the cue of their former coach, and that’s quit on the season. Really who can blame them, their QB is in prison, crying every time they play “I’ll be Home for Christmas, while having vivid nightmares when they play the barking dogs singing Jingle Bells, while the Falcons wish they could roast Bobby Petrino over an open fire.


Buccaneers 20 49ers 16

The Buccaneers are the biggest surprise in the NFC, winning the Southern Division in a season most thought they would sink to the bottom. While the 49ers expected to take a step forward took a step backwards. Look for this game to be close, but in the end it will be the Bucs who carry the day.


Patriots 38 Dolphins 7

If I could have one Christmas wish, it would be the Dolphins somehow, some way win this game. They could finish 2-14, but this one win would feel like a Super Bowl trophy. However, there dose not seem to be any Christmas miracles left as the real word is cold and harsh like Pottersville, only there is no Bedford Falls to come back to.


Seahawks 30 Ravens 10

The Seahawks have flown to the top of another Western Division tile, while the Ravens have crashed and burned with eight straight losses, the latest of which came against the previously winless Dolphins. Look for the Ravens uniforms to take the field, but the players to be dreaming of the off-season.


Titans 27 Jets 13

Here’s an idea the Jets to wear their throwbacks from 1960 for the third time this season, so the game could be the Clash of the Titans. Sigh, that may the only way to make this game interesting, as the Titans have the playoffs still in reach while the Jets stand for Just End The Season.


Vikings 27 Redskins 16

For the third week in a row the Redskins are under the primetime lights, with the Vikings continuing to surge towards the playoffs. This time the Redskins won’t be able to sneak in and get a win, as the dome will be just right for the Vikings, who continue their end of the season surge behind Rookie of the Year Adrian Peterson.


Chargers 45 Broncos 17

The Chargers hammered the Lions with 51 points last week, as they continued to surge to the playoffs. Last week they even clinched the division bouncing the Broncos from the playoffs. When they played in Denver the Chargers won big, and they will do so again beating a disinterested Broncos team like a mule on Christmas Eve.