2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 9-7 .563
Season Total: 129-111 .538



Patriots 24 Giants 13

One team has history on the line, the other has nothing, as they focus for the first round in the playoffs, either way don’t expect to see the starters playing 60 minutes as this hyped game show on three Networks, will resemble a pre-season game in the 4th Quarter, with the Pats starters getting a big enough lead to win, but not cover.


Seahawks 24 Falcons 20

Another game that will resemble a Pre-Season game as the Seahawks starters may not play long. Even if they don’t play long expect them to find a way to beat the Falcons, as the dirty birds have quit like their former coach, and are more focused on getting away after the game then playing on Sunday.


Saints 27 Bears 17

The Saints still have an outside chance to make the playoffs, if everything breaks in their favor. Of course they have to win first and winning means going into Chicago and exercising the ghost of the NFC Championship Game. Expect them to do their part as this year’s Bears are not even close to last year’s team.


Browns 34 49ers 20

The Browns do not control their playoff destiny, but a win will at least put pressure on the Titans, playing in the Sunday Night Game. After perhaps his worst performance of the year last week, look for QB Derek Anderson to bounce back as the Browns do their part and settle in to see if they are a playoff team or not after the game.


Packers 31 Lions 13

After a poor performance last week the Packers end the season with a meaningless game against the Lions. While they are in the playoffs with a bye you just have to think they will want to end the season on a strong note and not losing their last two games. Look for the Packers to play considerably better as they beat the Lions at Lambeau.


Jaguars 20 Texans 13

I understand the thought that the Jaguars may play this game like a preseason game and rest some starter, but to be a touchdown underdog to the Texans? No way, look for the Jaguars to win the game outright as their tough defense continues to set there offense up for easy scores.


Bengals 27 Dolphins 10

The Dolphins are already assured of the number one pick the Bengals are playing for pride. Look for pride to reign supreme here as the Bengals avoid 10 losses by handing the Dolphins their 15th loss, as Carson Palmer and the Bengals end the season strong.


Eagles 34 Bills 13

Of all the teams not going to the playoffs, the Eagles are playing the best football as the sun sets on the season. Look for them to climb to 8-8 as they beat a Bills team that is not finishing strong, as last weeks meltdown carries over into the season finale on the road.


Buccaners 13 Panthers 10

The Buccaneers have already started resting up for the playoffs, as they took the second half of last week losing to the 49ers. Look for them to rest up again, but this time playing at home at least they will put out a win as the offensively challenged Panthers have trouble getting going again.


Cardinals 27 Rams 13

Small victories are better then losses and for the Cardinals a win means 8-8. Now 8-8 may sound bad for most teams out there, but not the Cards who have posted a losing record in every season since 1999. Look for them to finish .500 or better for just the third time since moving to the desert in 1988.


Steelers 17 Ravens 6

This one should be fun, the Steelers concerned about more injuries playing the back ups, and the Ravens with 9 straight losses dreaming of a Caribbean Vacation. While the Ravens starters will play it won’t matter since they quit a month ago, look for the Steelers to win the game on defense.


Broncos 27 Vikings 17

It has been a season of disappointment for the Broncos who are assured of posting a losing record for the first time since 1999. However, a win on Sunday and they could finish the season on a strong note by ending the Vikings hopes. Do not underestimate the value of ruining some one else’s season when you have nothing else to play for.


Jets 24 Chiefs 20

It oughta be a boo-tiful day for Herm Edwards as he returns to the Meadowlands to face his former team. For the Jets at 3-12 it’s been a disappointing season, for the 4-11 Chiefs it’s been excruciating as they have lost 8 straight. Look for the Chiefs woes to continue as the Jets finally get rewarded for playing better in the final few weeks.


Chargers 27 Raiders 6

The Chargers have nothing to play for as the division title is all locked up. However, they have been ona roll lately and it will be hard to imagine they will ruin their momentum. Look for the Chargers defense to make life Hell for Raiders Rookie QB JaMarcus Russell making his first start.


Redskins 24 Cowboys 20

Ok I understand the Redskins need a win to reach the playoffs, and the Cowboys are more concerned with staying healthy for the playoffs. However, to make the Redskins 9½ point favorites? No way the Cowboys have more talent then that and they will throw a huge scare into the Washington faithful.


Colts 20 Titans 13

With a win the Titans are in the playoffs, while the Colts need not take the horses out of the barn to be in. However, even the Colts back ups are playing better the Titans who were lucky to beat the Jets at home last week. Look for the Colts starters to give them a big enough lead as the Titans season ends in disappointment.