2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 10-6 .625
Season Total: 28-20 .583



Texans 27 Falcons 17

For Atlanta Sunday will be like a bad dream as Matt Schaub returns with the Texans and man handles the floundering Falcons, just imagine how different things would be if the Falcons didn’t sell their soul to Michael Vick. Look for a big game for Schaub, and the Texans defense, which will dog Joey Harrington all day.


Jets 27 Bills 13

Not withstanding the Dolphins mini-comeback last week the Jets are clearly on the right track after a 0-2 start, while the Bills are looking down a long tough road the rest of the season after QB J.P. Losman suffered a knee injury. Look for the Jets to take control early as Bills get shredded for the fourth straight week.


Ravens 23 Browns 10

Jamal Lewis faces his former team for the first time as the Ravens face the Browns. After a rough Week 1 the Browns have played well beating the Bengals and nearly beating the Raiders. Look for it to be another hard dayfor the Dog Pound, as the Ravens Defense is the only ones doing the pounding.


Cowboys 37 Rams 17

Things could not be worse for the Rams, a team many thought could contend for the NFC Championship, as they go into Dallas 0-3 without RB Stephen Jackson. Look for things to continue to go down hill as the Cowboys win going away behind Tony Romo, who will have another big game.


Bears 24 Lions 20

Chicago erupted in cheers this week, as the Bears fans danced around with a happy beat. No they didn’t announce it was 1985 again, it was just the benching of Rex Grossman. Look for Brian Griese to play just good enough not to put the Bears defense on the ropes, which will enable them to hold back the Lions high flying offense.


Dolphins 24 Raiders 10

Daunte Culpepper may see action in his return to Miami where his tenure was short and forgettable, and certainly regrettable. The Raiders are coming off a rare win while the Dolphins are looking for their first win of the year. Look for the Dolphins to enter the win column for a change facing a team equally inept.


Packers 27 Vikings 13

Brett Favre is number four, this is Week 4 in the NFL, it is there for Week Favre for the Packers, as the tough gun slinger breaks Dan Marino’s All-Time Touchdown pass record as the Packers new and improved defense hammers the anemic Vikings Offense. Look for the Packers to stay hot and improve to Fave-0.


Panthers 21 Buccaneers 17

Two teams off to solid 2-1 starts, in a battle for first place in the NFC South. So far the Buccaneers have looked real good as Jeff Garcia has been just what the doctor ordered at Quarterback, while the Panthers have used running and defense. Look for the Panthers behind DeShaun Foster to win this one at home in a game that is close all the way.


49ers 24 Seahawks 20

Last year the 49ers beat the Seahawks twice, in games that helped serve notice that the 49ers has turned the corner and were on their way back to respectability. This week they take a step closer to their destination by gaining first place by stunning the Seahawks again in San Francisco.


Cardinals 20 Steelers 10

This game has upset written all over it, as the Cardinals despite their 1-2 record have played outstanding football. The Steelers have been even better racing off to a 3-0 start behind new Coach Mike Tomlin, but here the Cardinals coaching staff knows the Steelers s well as Tomlin does, as Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt and Offensive Coordinator Russ Grim were each on Bill Cowher’s staff last year.


Colts 27 Broncos 20

The Colts usually race past the Broncos like Secretariat at the Belmont Stakes, its over fast and never close. However, this time it won’t be so easy for the Colts, who have not been blowing anyone out, instead playing just good to win, and that is what will happen this week as the Colts win by a TD, but don’t reach the number.


Chargers 31 Chiefs 0

Sometimes the best medicine for a struggle team is an awful team, and for the 1-2 Chargers the Chiefs are better cure-all then Penicillin. Look for LaDainian Tomlinson to have a break out game with three touchdowns, while the Chargers defense puts the hammer down on the Chiefs absent offense.


Eagles 45 Giants 20

It’s a tough time to be a New York fan, and the best of time for Philly as the Mets fans will be in mourning by the time this game kicks off, while Phillies fans will be forever erasing 1964 from their memories, and then they get to enjoy this game too as the Eagles offense stays hot and torches the Giants on Sunday Night.


Patriots 38 Bengals 21

38-38-38 the scores the Patriots have put up in their first three games as they look like an unstoppable juggernaut at 3-0. While last week they allowed just 7 points in their pounding of the Bills, this week they will allow their most points on the season so far as the Bengals break the endzone three times, but 21 just does not measure up to 38.