2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 6-8 .429
Season Total: 38-38 .500



Ravens 20 Rams 7

Last week the Rams actually managed to score 31 points, though a bulk of them came in the final minutes of a game they were losing big, while the Ravens defense had to play a big role in a 9-7 road win. Back at home the Ravens defense plays the key against slamming the door on the St. Louis Lambs.


Bears 24 Vikings 13

Last week for the first time all year the Bears looked like who were thought they were, at least who they were last year. Look for them to get back to .500 by beating the Vikings, who are who we thought they are and that is a terrible football team.


Browns 31 Dolphins 10

Time to go to the old dictionary– Lemon (n) Informal a person or thing that proves to be defective, imperfect, or unsatisfactory; dud. That’s the Dolphins alright and with QB Cleo Lemon it won’t get any better any time soon, as their front office may in fact be the worst in the NFL. Look for the Browns to win this one easily.


Packers 20 Redskins 13

After losing their first game of the season last week because of a second half plagued with turnovers, look for the Packers to bounce back by taking advantage of the Redskins, whose offense can be shutdown if you put enough pressure on it.


Jaguars 20 Texans 10

After losing both games to the Texans last year, you have to believe the Jaguars will want to send a message in their first meeting in Jacksonville. So far the Jaguars defense has been among the stingiest in the NFL. Look for them to have another strong game as they improve to 4-1 with a solid win.


Bengals 31 Chiefs 13

After winning their opener the Bengals have lost three straight as teams have been able to go up and down the field at will. Following a much needed bye week the Bengals defense gets just what the doctor ordered a game against the anemic Chiefs offense. Look for the Bengals to get back on track as the Chiefs sputter again.


Eagles 24 Jets 13

How bad have things been for the Jets this year? They are going to this game in disguise. No gang green this week, as the color is New York Titan blue, trying to employ the same strategy the Eagles used in their only win thus far. However, the difference is the Eagles unis blinded their opponents, while the Jets still have Chad Pennington throwing like an old man.


Titans 20 Buccaneers 10

The Buccaneers are off to a terrific start at 3-2, but there are many problems on the horizon, RB Cadillac Williams is lost for the season, and his back up Michael Pitman is also injured. Against the Titans, these injuries will add up to sink the Bucs, who are also missing a few key players on the offensive line.


Cardinals 24 Panthers 10

You are not hallucinating the Arizona Cardinals are in first place. Nope time has not frozen either that is Vinny Testaverde straight from the retirement home playing for the Panthers. Look for the Cardinals to stay in first at least one more week, as the Panthers down one QB, maybe forced to actually start Testaverde, with back up QB David Carr hurting.


Patriots 34 Cowboys 24

Both teams improved to 5-0 last week, but did it completely different styles, as the Pats rolled, and thoe Cowboys pulled one out of the ten gallon hat. Expect the Cowboys to give the Pats a fight, but in the end their offense will prove to be too much, as Randy Moss has another big game against the Cowboys at Texas Stadium.


Chargers 41 Raiders 10

For the first time all season the Chargers looked like the Chargers last week as they went into Denver and shocked the Broncos 41-3. Returning home to face the Raiders this week, look for them to stay hot as they regain first place, with a statement win, as LT has one of his patent four touchdown games.


Seahawks 34 Saints 17

NBC is wishing they could use the flex schedule this week, because they would want to flex away the Saints as fast as their fans return to the store and exchange the merchandise brought with the Visa Check Card, for the reliable paper sacks. Forget the Madden Curse, the SI Jinx lives as the pre-season Super Bowl Champs fall to 0-5.


Falcons 24 Giants 20Falcons 24 Giants 20

After a 0-2 start suddenly the Giants are thinking lofty goals with three straight wins. They are not they need to check those goals now because they are not as good as they played the last three weeks, and this week it will show. Look for the Falcons to play the role of the strong home dog and pull off the upset on Monday Night.