2007 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-5 .615
Season Total: 46-43 .517



Ravens 20 Bills 10

Last week the Ravens defense put forth its best effort of the season holding the Rams to a mere three points, while the Bills have had a week to stew over their Monday Night meltdown against the Cowboys. Look for the hangover to stay in Buffalo as the Ravens shutdown the Bills.


Buccaneers 20 Lions 17

This is a battle of defense versus offense, as the Buccaneers defense looks rejuvenated while the Lions offense is starting to resemble the best show on turf, when it’s at its best. That qualifier is what will be the difference as the Bucs continue to play well by winning a big game on the road.


Texans 24 Titans 20

The Texans have played well despite their 3-3 record, as life in the AFC South has been tough. This week they will get a sip of satisfaction. Look for Vince Young to be slowed just enough by his sore quad to allow the Texans to contain him for the upset home win.


Patriots 48 Dolphins 3

When last they met the Dolphins upset the Patriots 21-0 at home. However, since then the Pats have become monsters and the Dolphins have become amateurs. The Dolphins defense has been bad, the offense is bad, and the Dolphins are so bad they would probably even lose to Boston College if they played.


Saints 27 Falcon 10

Last week the Saints go off the shined as they looked like Super Bowl contenders with a stunning win in Seattle, while the Falcons continued to lose. Now with Joey Harrington on the bench contemplating his next career the Falcons will continue to lose. On a side note, at least Ellen Degeneres didn’t try to give that puppy to Michael Vick.


Giants 24 49ers 10

It has been night and day for the Giants, after allowing 97 points in the first 10 quarters, the Giants defense has allowed 37 since, winning four in a row. Look for the streak to continue as the 49ers still playing without QB Alex Smith struggle on the road.


Redskins 24 Cardinals 6

The Redskins have quietly played well all year, as last week they played good enough to win in Green Bay. Back home against a banged up Cardinals team, can you say Easy Pickens. I can, Redskins win easily at home.


Bengals 27 Jets 13

The battle of disappointing teams as the 1-5 Jets and the 1-4 Bengals face in a game in which the loser’s season is over. Look for the Bengals to win this won as their offense should carry the day. While Jets QB Chad Pennington continues to struggle and throw like an 88-year old man. Though even some 88 year olds have more jump on the ball.


Chiefs 24 Raiders 10

The Raiders still stink, these facts can not be denied, sure they have won two games, but who have they beat the Browns and the Dolphins. Maybe the Browns have a pulse but the Dolphins can be beaten by a Pop Warner team from Oakland at this point. Look for the Chiefs to take win again, as Coach Herm Edwards just finds a way to win the game.


Cowboys 24 Vikings 17

The Cowboys will be looking to make a strong statement, after getting hammered by the Patriots last week. Look for them to win, but look for it to be a little tougher, as Adrian Peterson should keep the Vikings in the game to at least cover the ridiculous 10-point spread.


Eagles 20 Bears 17

In a battle of disappointing teams playing for survival look for this one to be a close one through out as the Bears should be able to keep Donovan McNabb from having a big day. However, in the end the Bears QB struggles will continue to bite them in the end as the Eagles will win the game by a field goal.


Seahawks 27 Rams 10

Cue the 1940’s Newsreel footage. Newsflash! The St. Louis Rams are changing their name to reflect how they are playing, for the rest of the season they will be known as the St. Louis Lambs, why because they are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Look for the Seahawks to win easily as the Lambs continue to run in circles on offense.


Steelers 24 Broncos 13

While the Rockies are off to the World Series, the Denver Broncos are off to a disappointing start losing three in a row after starting 2-0. Look for the struggles to continue as the Steelers are back to the form that made them Super Bowl XL Champions two years ago.


Jaguars 24 Colts 20

No team in the past three years has given the Colts more fits then the Jaguars, when the Colts win it’s a close game, and the Jaguars have proven they can win in Indianapolis. On a Monday Night in Jacksonville look for the frenzied Alltel Stadium to help the Jaguars hand the Colts their first lost of the season.