Wild Card Weekend

Last Week: 10-6 .563
Regular Season Total: 139-117 .543


Chargers 31 Titans 13

Last year the Chargers entered the playoffs as the prohibitive favorites and well did the Marty Schottenheimer shuffle and lost its first playoff game. This year against a Titans team that may be playing without Vince Young, its win or bust. Look for a strong game from LaDainian Tolinson, who will be used in fourth quarter unlike last year as the Chargers finally end their playoff losing streak.


Jaguars 20 Steelers 6

The Jaguars made the trip to Pittsburgh just three weeks ago, winning in the snow. That Steelers team was allot different then the one that will take the field Sunday. Since then the Steelers have ha several key injuries, losing RB Willie Parker who was leading the NFL in rushing at the time of his injuries, along with several key lineman. Against the Jags tough defense that spells disaster. Look for the Steelers offense to struggle as the Jags win a big playoff game on the road.


Seahawks 27 Redskins 17

The Redskins strong finish in the face of adversity is a nice story, but now that it’s playoff time the run will come to a quick end. The Seahawks last week not withstanding closed the season strong as QB Matt Hasselbeck quietly had a strong year. Look for a big game from Hasselbeck as the 12th Man helps boost the Seahawks into the second round, as Todd Collins, shows us why he went 10 years without significant playing time.


Giants 24 Buccaneers 20

Facing the Patriots last week the Giants were almost obligated to play their regulars while the Buccaneers regulars played sparingly the last two weeks, both of which were losses for the Bucs. The records will tell you all you need to know the Bucs are here because the NFC South is weak; the Giants at 10-6 are legit. Not only that the Giants are 7-1 on the road, winning seven in a row after a Week 1 loss in Dallas. Look for the Giants to find a way to win again.