2008 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 8-6 .571
Last Week Spread: 5-9 .357
Total No Spread: 79-51 .608
Total Spread: 71-59 .546



Jets 24 Patriots 17

What Jets will show up? That is the weekly question on the minds of the fans of gang green. Will it be the team that lost to the lowly Raiders, or the team that thumped the Rams last week? At 6-3 a win and the Jets will be in first place. However, if they play close to the vest like they did in Week 2 they don’t have a chance. It says right here Brett Favre finds a way to win in primetime, as the Jets stun the Pats in Foxboro.


Falcons 27 Broncos 24

The Falcons have been terrific as Matt Ryan is no longer a future star, he is a star. The Broncos secondary has been weak all season, and Ryan should have a big game and the Falcons should win at home. However, six points is a bit high, as Jay Cutler can get some points on the board in his own right and should keep the game close.


Panthers 38 Lions 10

Lions Coach Rod Marinelli said this week, “My shovel is sharp and my pick is sharp and my will is out-standing.” Apparently he is keeping his job aspects wide open, in a bad economy. Question, do the Lions qualify for a Detroit Bailout from congress? Panthers win this one easily.


Eagles 27 Bengals 20

At 5-4 and with a loss at home to the Giants last week, the Eagles can not afford any more slip ups. This should be a game they win easily. However, nothing has come easy for the Eagles lately. Look for the Bengals to keep it close, and possibly get a back door cover, but in the end the Eagles will go home with a win.


Packers 27 Bears 17

Rex has always been a popular dog’s name. For Bears fans Rex represents the Bears turning into dogs, and for the Packers who need this game badly expect big things, as they use the home field to their advantage to beat up the Bears Rex Grossman


Colts 37 Texans 13

The last time these two teams met, the Colts needed to score 21 points in the final five minutes to win. This time it will be allot easier as the Colts begin to make a run for the Wild Card. Look for a big game from Peyton Manning as the Colts get their first blow out of the season.


Chiefs 27 Saints 24

After nearly beating the Jets and Chargers on the road, the Chiefs are clearly due for a win. Coming home to face the Saints, who struggle on the road they will get it. Look for a solid game from Tyler Thigpen as the Chiefs edge the Saints.


Dolphins 20 Raiders 13

After going 1-15 last year, the Dolphins are in the playoff chase with a 5-4 record, a stunning turn around. So far this year no Pacific Time zone team has won on the east coast, and it won’t happen this week either. However, a ten and half point spread is a bit rich for them at this point.


Giants 20 Ravens 10

At every turn the Giants this year have come through, winning on the road against the Eagles and Steelers. Coming home to face the Ravens expect more of the same, as the Giants balance should be able to keep the Ravens off balance all day.


Buccaneers 20 Vikings 13

This is a big test for the Vikings who go down to Tampa, needing a win against the Buccaneers who are coming off a bye week. Look for the Bucs to use the last week to prepare and shut down the Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.


49ers 27 Rams 24

The 49ers did almost beat the Cardinals last week and the Rams were embarrassed by the Jets last week. However, the 49ers will not win this game by a touchdown. They should be able to get Coach Mike Singletarry his first win, but it won’t be easy, as the Rams seeing a chance to break out of last place put up a strong effort.


Cardinals 24 Seahawks 20

Last week the Cardinals earned their first Monday Night win in 20 years, as they rallied to beat the 49ers behind Kurt Warner, and a huge goal line stand at the end of the game. Look for another big game from Warner, as the Cardinals continue to run away with the NFC Western Division Championship.


Jaguars 17 Titans 13

The Titans are due for a loss, this is not a team that is unbeatable, and a loss will do them good at some point, as the pressure will begin to mount if they stay unbeaten. Look for them to fall in Jacksonville this week, as the Jaguars need a win to keep any faint sliver of a playoff hope they have left.


Steelers 24 Chargers 10

As stated before Western teams have struggled miserably when coming east this year. While the 4:00 start should make things easier for the Chargers, it won’t be good enough. Look for a big game from the Steelers defense that will shut down LaDainian Tomlinson, as the Steelers get back on track.


Redskins 20 Cowboys 17

When the Redskins beat the Cowboys in Week Four, Tony Romo was healthy. He should be back this week, but it’s hard to believe he will be 100%. Look for the Redskins to keep the Cowboys offense off balance as they win on Sunday Night at home to set themselves up strongly for the playoffs while the Cowboys playoff hopes hit life support.


Bills 27 Browns 13

When teams start tossing around the “Q” word, you know things are getting bad. Weather or not the Browns quit on last week’s game is debatable, but just the fact some players think they did, ought to send out big alarm bells. Look for a big game by Trent Edwards, as the Bills coming off three straight losses desperately need a win, and on Monday Night they will get it.