2008 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 9-7 .562
Last Week Spread: 7-9 .438
Total No Spread: 108-69-1 .610
Total Spread: 92-86 .517



Chargers 27 Raiders 10

Somehow in its first three years, Thursday Night Football has not worked out quite like NFL Network has planned, few games have been labeled must see, and very few can see any way. This one is not one of them and those that can see it, would rather not. They are selling it as playing for pride, you have to imagine the Chargers have some pride, and you know the Raiders have no pride.


Bears 24 Jaguars 13

There has been no team in the NFL more disappointing then the Jaguars as a team with high expectations is now in last place, and it appears that they have purchased stamps at Costco, and are mailing it in with their Christmas cards. Look for the Bears to control the game early and win it easily.


Vikings 38 Lions 13

Its hard to say which Detroit stalwart has been run into the ground more; the auto industry or Detroit Lions. As the automakers arrive in Washington in pampered private jets crying they need a bailout the Lions appear to be on a head on collision with 0-16. Things have gotten so bad that Ford Field will be renamed Ford Pinto Field, because the Lions implode again.


Packers 31 Texans 27

The Packers season is officially on life support at 5-7. Every game here on out is a must win. They can beat the Texans at home, but winning by six points in not likely at Lambeau Field. Look for the Packers to win a close one, behind QB Aaron Rodgers as their defense continues to struggle.


Colts 45 Bengals 17

The Colts have won five in a row, but have has to sweat most of the games out. This week they won’t have to worry as they play the wounded lackadaisical Bengals. Look for a big day from Peyton Manning, as the Colts run rings around the pathetic Bengals.


Falcons 37 Saints 27

This one promises to be another shoot out, as Drew Brees is on a record pace for passing yards, while Matt Ryan is putting together one of the best rookie seasons ever for a quarterback. Look for the Falcons to find a way to win, as the Saints could be hurt form the suspensions handed out by the NFL Tuesday, unless the players can get a temporary restraining order.


Giants 23 Eagles 10

The Giants have been a runaway train that can’t be stopped; seven straight wins against teams with winning records have the Giants 11-1 despite playing against a tough schedule. Distractions have not gotten in the way, and with a win this week they can secure the division title. Look for them to keep on cruising as they beat the Eagles.


Titans 38 Browns 0

Reports have come out saying it will take a miracle for Browns Coach Romeo Crennel to save his job. Well Christmas is a time for miracles, and you can just see the Browns going down to Nashville and beating up the Titans, as then Santa comes in from the North Pole and delivers the present of a contract extension. Yeah, right the Browns will be lucky to even score with Ken Dorsey at quarterback.


Dolphins 24 Bills 20

O Canada, the NFL has come to the great white north. This is the first of a series of annual trail balloons for the Bills, who may be looking to move North of the Border. Things on the field are not going to well for them, and their opponents the Miami Dolphins have to be happy to playing in the toast Rogers Center as opposed to the frozen Ralph Wilson Stadium. Look for Miami to spoil the Bills foray into Toronto.


Broncos 38 Chiefs 17

Helter Skelter, is going to be the title of the 2008 Denver Broncos year in review. One week they lose at home to the awful Raiders, the next week they beat the first place Jets on the road. It’s impossible to figure this team out. They have already lost to the Chiefs once this year; I can’t imagine them losing to them again, especially at home.


Jets 30 49ers 20

It is hard to imagine the Jets laying another egg this week, as they face the 49ers on the road. The Jets for the most part have played well on the road winning in Foxboro and Nashville. Look for a nice bounce back game from Brett Favre, as Thomas Jones continues to run over opposing defenses.


Patriots 42 Seahawks 21

The Seahawks season has been an unmitigated disaster, as Coach Mike Holmgren who took Seattle to the Super Bowl three years ago and ruled the NFC West for the last four years is going out with a whimper as the Seahawks are 2-10 beste all season with injuries to key players. Don’t expect things to be any better this week against the Patriots.


Cardinals 38 Rams 13

Gerald Ford was President, Saturday Night Live was a brand new sensation, Archie Bunker was singing those were the days, and the Cardinals were division champions. The year was 1975, and the Cardinals of St. Louis had edged the Dallas Cowboys (who would make the Super Bowl as a Wild Card) for the NFC East. Since then the Cardinals have not won a division title until now. Look for them to end a two game winning streak by hammering the Rams at home.


Steelers 17 Cowboys 13

This is a terrific match up; the Steelers are trying to lock up a division title and a bye in the AFC, while the Cowboys need it just to keep their playoff hopes on track. The bad news for Dallas is RB Marion Barber may not be 100%, and the Steelers pass defense could make life a nightmare for Tony Romo. Look for the black and gold to back Dallas black and blue as they win a close one at Heinz Field.


Ravens 24 Redskins 17

The battle of the beltway has not taken on this much meaning since the Colts ruled Baltimore. For the Redskins it’s a must win, for the Ravens, it is almost equally as important, as both are in tight races for the playoffs. Look for the Ravens defense to be the difference as the Redskins, have not had much success in recent years against the AFC.


Buccaneers 20 Panthers 17

Monday Night Football this week is truly a game to look forward to it, as it may decide the winner of the NFC South, as well as the second seed in the playoffs. Look for it to be close through out as the Panthers try to avenge a 27-3 loss earlier this year in Tampa. Look for it to be close through out as a field goal will be deciding margin either way, and for the Buccaneers it seems they always find a way to win those games.