2008 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 9-7 .563
Last Week Spread: 6-10 .375
Total No Spread: 139-86-1 .618
Total Spread: 115-111 .509



Falcons 38 Rams 10

Both teams have extensive travel plans following the game, the Falcons, will be heading to either the Arizona desert, the Windy City of Chicago or the Twin Cities, the Rams will be heading to the Bahamas, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. Come to think of it the Rams may head to the Caribbean before the game, since they stopped showing up for the games along time ago.


Bills 27 Patriots 24

Last week the Bills played spoiler to the Broncos, this week they can provide the ultimate thorn to a division rival. With the game in Buffalo sometimes, you just never know, and this is going to be one of those situations, as the Bills knock the Patriots out of playoff contention by playing the home dog role to perfection.


Chiefs 31 Bengals 20

The Chiefs have played well in recent weeks despite losing two close home games, as QB Tyler Thigpen is setting himself up nicely as the future in Kansas City. The Bengals managed to win their last two games, and are looking to close the season strong. However, with Thigpen leading the way, look for the Chiefs to get the win for Herm Edwards.


Packers 35 Lions 17

Even though the Packers have their own losing streak, you have to imagine this game will be a must win as they want to avoid a ten loss season, and avoid being the only team to lose to the Lions. The Lions like a wounded horse won’t last long in this one as they have not won in Lambeau Field in 17 years, and at 0-15 it will be hard to imagine them finding any thing to avoid making history.


Texans 24 Bears 20

The last few weeks the Bears have been fortunate to stay alive winning primetime games at home by a field goal in overtime. This time they are on the road and playing early Sunday Afternoon, by the time the game is over their season will be over as the Texans seeking to finish 8-8, will finish off the Bears at home.


Titans 24 Colts 17

With each team locked into their playoff spots, don’t expect to see the starters on the field much for either side as they look to get healthy for January. Vince Young should see some action for the Titans and he will end up being the difference, as the game resembles a pre-season exhibition by the fourth quarter with the Titans winning and nobody showing there hands in case they meet again in the playoffs.


Vikings 27 Giants 24

The Giants may not have their starters on the field long, but they should see the field enough to keep it game, as the Vikings need this one to make sure they win the division. The Vikings should win and will win, but the Giants will make a game of it as both teams will be moving forward to the playoffs.


Panthers 31 Saints 24

The Panthers need to win this game to win the division, and tough the Saints are a tough home team; they don’t really match up well with the Panthers. Look for another big day from D’Angelo Williams, who makes his case for individual accolades, as the Panthers defense is able to secure the win and the second seed in the NFC.


Steelers 24 Browns 0

Last week the Browns were shut out at home by the Bengals, who are one of the worst defenses in the NFL. This week on the road they end the season with the best defense in the NFL. Is it possible to score negative points? Maybe the true question should be can the Browns reach 100 total yards in this game. Look for it to be ugly and to be over quickly.


Buccaneers 31 Raiders 10

The Buccaneers still have a shot at reaching the playoffs, but they must win this game. The Raiders are just looking forward to getting home and focusing on 2009. Look for it to be a blowout as the Buccaneers get back on track by easily beating up on the Raiders, who are going to be there just to mail it in.


Cardinals 30 Seahawks 17

The Cardinals after a flat out pathetic performance in the snow last week need to win to get some momentum for the playoffs. Yes, Virginia they are a playoff team despite their obvious lacking on the field. One place they have not lacked this year is against their lousy division rivals whom they hold a 5-0 record against. That record will be improved to 6-0 after next week.


Ravens 27 Jaguars 7

The Jaguars just can’t wait to get home and focus on a 2009 rebound, as the Ravens need a win to get into the postseason. Yeah that’s right this one is going to be another easy one for the playoff team. Look for the Ravens to get a big lead early and never look back as they get the sixth seed in the AFC.


Dolphins 24 Jets 21

Believe it or not the Dolphins who were 1-15 last year are just one win away from winning the AFC East. It may be a tough task coming north to the Meadowlands. But the forecast is saying the weather will be mild, and the Jets offense is sputtering. Brett Favre has shown some signs of a possible shoulder injury, and I think we won’t see much from him this week either as the Dolphins complete the miracle turnaround.


Eagles 31 Cowboys 17

Just like the Redskins reveled in beating the Eagles last week, the Eagles will enjoy knocking the Cowboys out twice as much this week. Look for a big game from Donovan McNabb, as the Cowboys defense continues to resemble Swiss cheese, as T.O. throws a tantrum that will be the story of the game when it is all said and done.


49ers 17 Redskins 13

Mike Singletarry despite some unique methods really did a wonderful job at turning around the 49ers after taking over as an interim coach. Perhaps had he been there all season he would be leading the 49ers into the playoffs. Look for them to end the season on a positive note as they avoid losing 10 games, and beat up on the Redskins, who have the misfortunate of a cross country flight to end the season.


Chargers 45 Broncos 10

The moment the Chargers have prayed for since Week 2 is here as they face the Broncos with the division on the line. Something just three weeks ago seemed impossible, as the Broncos have blown a seemingly comfortable lead for the AFC West. This time around there will be no Ed Hochuli and no mercy as the Chargers take out a season worth of frustration and win the AFC West with an 8-8 record.