2008 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 8-8 .500
Last Week Spread: 7-9 .438
Total No Spread: 8-8 .500
Total Spread: 7-9 .438



Panthers 17 Bears 10

The Panthers last week went on the road and won in dramatic fashion against the Chargers while the Bears outplayed the Colts. Look for a defensive struggle when these two teams meet each other, as defense will continue to be the key to both teams success. However, with QB Jake Delhomme looking healthy it appears the edge clearly belongs to the Panthers.


Titans 20 Bengals 13

The Titans may be a better team without Vince Young, who sits out with a sprained keen and a bruised ego. While Kerry Collins is no longer term answer the Titans defense looked sharp against the Jaguars. Meanwhile the Bengals are team that looks like it needs a change as they have an attention starved receiver, a bad defense, a quarterback with skill but little help and a team that carries its own Parole Officer.


Packers 31 Lions 13

Last week Packers new QB Aaron Rodgers impressed in his first start on Monday Night against the Vikings. This week he gets to pad his stats as the Packers get off to a 2-0 start against the Lions at Ford Field. Speaking of the Lions they are in the running for the number one pick already.


Jaguars 20 Bills 17

Last week the Bills crushed the Seahawks while the Jaguars were tripped up by the Titans. This week in their home opener the Jaguars are looking to rebound, but against the Bills that is easier said then done, as the Bills could be possibly emerging as a playoff contender. Look for this one to be close through out as the Jaguars win the game late on a field goal.


Chiefs 13 Raiders 10

Speaking of teams already playing for the draft the Chiefs and Raiders meet in a battle of teams coming off 4-12 seasons. The Chiefs have some ability on defense; the Raiders on the other hand look like they have no idea how to even play football. Meanwhile offense to the Chiefs is a foreign idea look for a low scoring ugly game with the Chiefs winning by four.


Colts 24 Vikings 13

Two teams with high hopes that go off to shaky starts last week meet in a battle to avoid a 0-2 start. While Peyton Manning looked shaky against the Bears last week, he should be able to get up to full strength soon, as he is still recovering from surgery to get rid of a infected bursa sack. As for Tavaris Jackson he stands between the Vikings from being a good team and a true contender.


Giants 34 Rams 10

The defending Super Bowl Champions coming off a solid win in week one go back to the place the love most the road. It has been over a year since the Giants have lost a home game, as they won a record 11 games on the road last year including the playoffs and Super Bowl. Look for the road warriors to add another notch to their belt as they have little problem against the Rams.


Saints 23 Redskins 13

The Saints got off to a great start last week as they rallied to beat the Buccaneers at home, with RB Reggie Bush showing signs he is ready to take the next step. While the Redskins, look like a team wandering the desert as they played the last five minutes of the fourth quarter with the urgency of the first week of the preseason. Look for the Saints to get the win on the road, with Redskins Coach Jim Zorn, still looking puzzled on the sidelines.


Seahawks 31 49ers 17

Coming off an embarrassing loss on the road the Seahawks turn to their 12th man for a Starbucks like boost as they face the 49ers in their home opener. Look for a big game all around, especially Matt Hasselbeck as the Seahawks prove last week was more about facing a solid Buffalo team on the road, rather then the Seahawks being on the decline.


Buccaneers 24 Falcons 10

Last week at home the Falcons faced friendly conditions as Rookie QB Matt Ryan had a successful debut against the pathetic Lions. This week gone will be the safety of the protected nest in Atlanta, as he faces the tough Buccaneers defense on the road. Look for Ryan to walk the plank, as the Buccaneers win easily despite playing with back up Brian Griese.


Cardinals 27 Dolphins 13

The Dolphins go to the desert and find little water as they are blitzed and blistered by the Cardinals, who are in first place, and feel they could actually make a strong run at the playoffs. Look for the Dolphins to continue to experience growing pains as Chad Pennington has little help, while the rest of the team tries to arise from the ashes of a 1-15 season


Chargers 38 Broncos 17

Last week the Chargers were stunned at home while the Broncos crushed the Raiders on the road, this week in their home opener the Broncos experience a let down as the Chargers come in with a purpose and rebound by crushing the Broncos for the second straight year at Invesco Field. While it won’t match last year’s 41-3 throttling the Chargers are by far the better team and it will be shown clearly on Sunday.


Jets 34 Patriots 13

Daniel walking into a den of lions (not the Detroit Lions) had it easier then Matt Cassel and the Patriots this week at the Meadowlands. If the Pats wanted sympathy after losing Tom Brady it won’t come from Jets Coach Eric Mangini who will turn the heat on high as the Jets defense overwhelms Cassel, while the Jets led by Brett Favre get a measure of revenge and roll up the score on Coach Bill Belichick.


Browns 27 Steelers 24

The Browns are not as bad as they looked in Week 1 and the Steelers are not as good as they looked, it has more to do with where the game was played and who they played. This week with their sites set on each other the Browns, knowing that the season could already be on the line in Week 2 don’t disappoint, as they stun the Steelers in primetime, with Derek Anderson having a field day.


Cowboys 24 Eagles 20

The Eagles have entered the season with championship aspirations, if they are for real this is the type of game they must win. Last season in fact the Eagles came to Dallas and won with Jessica Simpson watching. Jessica may not be around this time and the Eagle will not win, but it will be a very tight hard fought game through out.


Texans 24 Ravens 13

Last week the Texans were torn apart by the Steelers while the Ravens stunned the Bengals. Both teams are relatively on even terms, as the Ravens defense is in its twilight, while the Texans are in dawn. Look for the sun this week to come up for Houston, as the Texans dodge Hurricane Ike, and lay the smackdown on the Ravens at home.