2008 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 8-6 .571
Last Week Spread: 7-7 .500
Total No Spread: 48-26 .649
Total Spread: 44-30 .595



Bears 24 Falcons 13

Falcons Rookie QB has been impressive so far with three wins in his first five games including one at Lambeau Field. However, against tough defenses like the Buccaneers he has struggled so far. Look for that trend to continue as the Bears defense forces the rookie into mistakes, as the Bears win in Atlanta.


Dolphins 27 Texans 17

The Dolphins have not only won their last two games, doubling last year’s win total, but they have beaten the two AFC Championship Game Participants. Look for them to stay hot as they face a Texans team coming off a gut wrenching loss to the Colts. They wont need to worry about blowing a big lead this week, as Ronnie Brown has a field day against the Texans defense.


Colts 24 Ravens 10

We have lift off, that 21-point rally in the final four minutes is just the boost the Colts have been waiting for, the line is getting healthy and after missing the preseason and struggling at times the first few weeks, Peyton Manning is ready to go, and up with him will go the Colts as they start to find their groove, and make their usual run to the top.


Vikings 37 Lions 13

Here kitty kitty kitty, if Disney saw these Lions, he would have chosen a different animal to be king. For 50 years the Lions sleeps tonight has been the theme of this pathetic franchise. I wonder if they had it all to do over again they would still trade Bobby Layne after the 1957 championship game. Oh well maybe they can strike gold in the draft since Matt I love me them Wide Receivers is finally gone


Saints 34 Raiders 17

One team is coming off a bad loss; while the other is coming of a bad bye week. With new Coach Tom Cable the Raiders has the task of playing the jet lag 1:00 start. Look for the Raiders to come out flat, as Al Davis continues to take the franchise he built into one of the sport’s bedrock franchise into an utter joke. It’s the same Al Davis, but now his mind resembles Grandpa Simpson.


Bengals 27 Jets 24

Call this a gut feeling, but there is a saying, “Same old Jets.” It happens every year when you least expect it, the Jets win a game and look good, then a week later wham they lose to a very bad team at home. This year’s first SOJ game is against the Bengals the Jets are coming off a bye, the winless Bengals are coming off a solid yet unrewarded outing in Dallas.


Panthers 17 Buccaneers 13

Like a moody teenage girl nobody falls in and out of love with a the starting quarterback faster the Buccaneers Jon Gruden, who last year loved Jeff Garcia, but love turned bitter in Week 2 as he turned to Brian Griese, with Griese out Gruden is forced to start the one he’s with and that’s Garcia. This is not a winning formula, and against a strong Panthers team it will bite them.


Redskins 37 Rams 10

Marc Bulger finally won last week. However, it was not on the field as he only one his battle with now former Coach Scott Linehan, who was fired one week after controversially benching Bulger. Things won’t get better on the field with new Coach Jim Haslett as the Rams march into Washington and go home with another loss.


Broncos 27 Jaguars 20

At 2-3 the Jaguars are one of the more disappointing teams, as they have failed to play up to expectations. Heading on the road to play the Broncos don’t expect things to get better as the Broncos are always touch at home. Look for the Broncos to keep the Jagaurs one the ropes as they win again at home.


Cowboys 34 Cardinals 24

The Cardinals have taken unusual measures to avoid Cowboy fans from buying tickets to this game, hoping to avoid the past scenes where their home stadium has turned into West Dallas, with the Cowboys enjoying a home type crowd. It may not be as bad as it was in the past, but the Cowboys will still make it feel like a home crowd as they control the game from start to finish.


Eagles 38 49ers 17

The Eagles desperately need a jump start after losing two in a row, there season is in danger of fading away early in the tough NFC East. On the road they need to find themselves against the 49ers, a team they should easily beat; and a team they must beat if they are too have any serious playoff chances.


Seahawks 31 Packers 20

The Seahawks and Packers are two scuffling teams in need of wins. The Seahawks are 1-3 and coming off an embarrassing loss in New York, while the Packers have lost three in a row after a 2-0 start. The Seahawks will have the 12th man this week as Coach Mike Holmgren faces his former team for the last time. Look for the Seahawks to get the win behind the passing of Matt Hasselbeck.


Chargers 31 Patriots 13

Both teams who played in the AFC Championship Game have lost in the last weeks to the Miami Dolphins. While the Pats already rebounded with a win in San Francisco, the Chargers at 2-3 face another must win primetime game at home. This is a bad situation for the Patriots, playing their second straight game in California. Look for the Chargers to avenge the last two years playoff losses by beating the Patriots big.


Giants 34 Browns 20

The Giants offense last week was firing on all cylinders as it seemed they scored every time they had the ball as they slaughter the Seahawks 44-6. The Browns defense is weak and ripe for the pickens. Look for another big day from Eli Manning as the Giants go into Cleveland, and bring more disappointment to the fans of the Browns, by ruining the Browns Monday Night Party.