2008 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 9-5 .643
Last Week Spread: 9-5 .643
Total No Spread: 62-40 .608
Total Spread: 58-44 .569



Ravens 20 Raiders 0

The Raiders were fortunate to win last week as they faced a Jets team with Brett Favre not at his best at home. Now they are going East, and West Coast teams this year have done horribly in the 1:00 game. Look for things to continue as the Ravens defense shuts down the Raiders offense, don’t be surprised if it’s a shutout.


Panthers 24 Cardinals 20

The Cardinals are clearly an improving team as they not only beat the Cowboys two weeks ago, they beat them up. They could be a little flat coming off a bye week, but I think they will give a solid effort. However, in the end West Coast going East equals loss.


Buccaneers 24 Cowboys 10

Last week Tony Romo got a phone call from Brett Favre and wanted to play against the Rams. Of course the Cowboys thought better of it and got silenced by the Rams. This week Tony Romo has said he wants to heal, I guess when you see the Bucs defense, its understandable why he is scared. Romo sips some chicken soup as the Cowboys season continues to run into the iceberg.


Redskins 27 Lions 17

The Lions are having trouble selling out Ford Field this week, and there does not seem to be anybody coming forward to rescue the game from a blackout. Rescue the game from a blackout? I don’t know about you, by I think Chef Tony and Billy Mays will provide Lions fans more entertainment then the Cowardly Lions losing another.


Bills 27 Dolphins 13

With Tom Brady going through knee trauma, and the rest of the Patriots resembling a mash unit the Bills are starting to emerge as the team to beat in the AFC East. The Dolphins sadly still are the team everyone beats as they have crashed back to reality after two wins against the Patriots and Chargers.


Patriots 21 Rams 17

With Laurence Maroney out for the year, Rodney Harrison’s career possibly over, and Tom Brady’s knee going through major complications, the Patriots are going to take the field this week with the theme from M.A.S.H. playing. It’s only a matter of time before it catches up with them, but it won’t be this week as the Rams can’t possibly win three games in a row.


Chargers 38 Saints 17

The Chargers are another West Coast team challenging the Eastern time zone start. However, it’s not a 1:00 start where they will be playing it will be 6:00 in old London Towne, as both teams will be going East this week. Look for the Chargers offense to take advantage of the Saints porous defense, as the Saints offense won’t be able to keep up.


Jets 34 Chiefs 10

Herm Edwards returns to the Meadowlands, and it will take a miracle for his team to find a way to win the game. The Chiefs are awful, bad, horrible, simply put the stink from the Royals has infected them. Look for the Jets to get back on track as Brett Favre has a field day as the Jets fly high.


Eagles 27 Falcons 24

The Eagles coming off a bye week get to play in the shadow of the World Series, as the City of Brotherly Love focuses on the Phillies. It’s too bad they may be missing a good game, as the Falcons also coming off a bye week are perhaps the most improved team in the NFL, thanks to super rookie Matt Ryan. Look for Ryan and the Falcons to keep it close, but lose by a field goal in the end.


Texans 31 Bengals 17

Help wanted: NFL Head Coach, job requirements dealing with a cheap ownership, and a wide receiver who acts like a two year old who needs constant attention and wants to be called Ocho Cinco. Benefits; a good quarterback if healthy, and a good receiving core. Defense must be rebuilt. Inquiries should have good resources and contacts with bail bondsmen.


Jaguars 27 Browns 13

At 3-3 the Jaguars have yet to find their grove this season. However, after crushing the Broncos on the road before the bye week, they may be close. Look for them to come out strong at home as they finally climb above .500 and a burry the Browns, who may start looking to getting Brady Quinn on the field as they deal with the Kellen Winslow Jr. controversy.


Steelers 16 Giants 13

This one could be a good one as two teams with great defenses and strong quarterbacks meet at Heinz Field with identical 5-1 records. Look for the Steelers to come out victorious in the end as they hardly ever lose on their home field, as the Giants have not been their sharpest in recent weeks.


Seahawks 20 49ers 17

It’s a broken down team against a team that has broken in the front office. There was a reason the 49ers wanted to wait a week before firing Mike Nolan during the up coming bye week, and that it throws a week of preparation for a game into shambles. The Seahawks who are going to change their logo to a red cross for all their injuries should be able to take full advantage and find a way to win the game, and keep some hope alive at winning the NFC West again.


Colts 27 Titans 17

Quick name the last time the Colts were a five point underdog in a division game? Its hard to remember that far back but I suspect it has been at least five years. The Titans may have not lost yet, but they have not played anyone yet. Look for the bloom to come off the rose, as the 1972 Dolphins take out the champagne and celebrate another year of being the only Perfect team in the history of the NFL.