2009 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 10-5 .667
Last Week Spread: 9-6 .600
Total No Spread: 96-48 .667
Total Spread: 74-70 .514



Panthers 24 Dolphins 13

Often teams on a short week, playing on Thursday are an increased advantage to the home team, since the road team essentially has one less day to full prepare with the travel day. Making matters worse for the Dolphins is they have to prepare for a game without their most important offensive weapon Ronnie Brown, who will miss the rest of the season with a foot injury.


Ravens 17 Colts 13

The Colts have dodged several bullets in the last few weeks to remain unbeaten. Eventually they are going to lose a game, and it might just be their streak ends in their old hometown Baltimore. The Ravens defense is better against the run then the pass, and the Colts must rely on Peyton Manning to win again. A loss won’t be the worst thing in the world for the Colts as they are already in good position for home field, or 16-0 is not a big deal for a team focused on the ring.


Cowboys 17 Redskins 10

The Cowboys coming off a near shutout in Green Bay has to worry about how their offense will respond without Marc Colombo on the line for the rest of the season. Facing the Redskins they will get an early test, as the Skins defense is solid and should keep the game close. However, in the end the Cowboys will find a way to win at home against their hated rivals.


Lions 19 Browns 6

Ten things that are better to do then watching this game; 10) Tax Audit, 9) Root Canal, 8) Colonoscopy, 7) Raking the Leaves, 6) Body Waxing, 5) Walking on hot coals, 4) Being water boarded, 3) an afternoon with your in laws, 2) Help your wife at her Tupperware Party, 1) Swimming in Raw Sewage. Yes these teams are that bad and that unwatchable.


Packers 17 49ers 6

Last week the Packers may have salvaged their season by nearly shutting out the Cowboys. Against the 49ers at home they should win another, as the 49ers offense seems to be scared of making the big mistake with Alex Smith at Quarterback, and when he play like that you almost never can win on the road. Look for the Packers defense to be sharp again, and to carry the day.


Jaguars 27 Bills 10

One reason so few coaching changes are made during the season is that planning for a game week in and week out is hard enough without disrupting the normal flow. Add to the fact that Perry Fewell has never been a head coach and you have an almost impossible task for the Bills who also will be playing on the road. Fewell is likely not even in the running to remain coach in 2010 either.


Steelers 24 Chiefs 7

This season the Steelers have struggled without Troy Polamalu in the line up. However, they likely won’t have much to worry about as they face the wretched Chiefs. The only difference it will make in this game is that the likelihood of a shutout is decreased. None the less it should be an easy win for the Black and Gold.


Vikings 31 Seahawks 13

The Vikings pulled away late last week to improve to 8-1 against the Lions at home. Facing the Seahawks this week, you might see the same pattern as the Seahawks could keep it close for a while, but in the end the Vikings defense and overall game will be too much as the Vikings continue to roll.


Giants 27 Falcons 20

After a 5-0 start, the Giants have lost their last four games. Last week things started to break back their way as both the Eagles and Cowboys lost, while they were on the bye. Now they must focus on turning things around as they get restarted in the second half of the season. This is nearly a must win if they want to reach the playoffs. With their experience of winning big games, I fully expect them to find a way to win it at home.


Saints 34 Buccaneers 13

Last week the Saints nearly were beaten by the lowly Rams, who had a chance with a last second Hail Mary pass. Facing another rebuilding team in the Bucs, they can be vulnerable again if they play with same sloppiness in Tampa. However, against a Rookie QB in Josh Freeman it would be hard to imagine it going to the last play again.


Cardinals 24 Rams 13

In one of those strange stats, the Cardinals have been better this year on the road, winning all four games, and they have not been against the Little Sisters of the Poor either, as they have won games in the Meadowlands and Chicago. Against the Rams who are the Sisters’ poster child it should be an easy win, despite signs of improvement from the lowly Rams over the last few weeks.


Chargers 24 Broncos 10

Last week the Chargers benefited from a late season collapse to win the AFC West in the last game of the season against the Broncos. After a 6-0 start for Denver, the Broncos again had a three game lead over the Chargers. Now it’s all tied as they Broncos face the Chargers for a second time coming off three straight losses. The Chargers seem to be hitting their stride as their running game is looking good, while the Broncos have to worry about the health of QB Kyle Orton.


Patriots 34 Jets 13

Losses like the one suffered by the Patriots last week are known to send teams into a tailspin. The Patriots however, are a strong willed team that should be able to bounce back as they face a hated division rival in the Jets who have already beaten them once this season, and did so by almost rubbing their faces in it after the game. Since then the Jets have been in their own tailspin with five losses in their last six games erasing a 3-0 start.


Bengals 27 Raiders 10

The Bengals could not be feeling better about themselves as they are in first place, and are coming off a win over the Steelers in Pittsburgh that wrapped up the first sweep of their chief division rival in more then a decade. Against the lowly Raiders they should stay on a roll, as the Raiders don’t have the personnel or the will to sneak up on a team that is due for a letdown, like the Bengals are.


Eagles 38 Bears 17

When the lights have gone down, Bears QB Jay Cutler has turned in performances reminiscent of Mr. Hyde with 11 interceptions in Primetime. Sunday Night means more of the same this week as the Bears continue to struggle. While the Eagles offense off two straight losses should be able to get back on track, facing a Bears defense that has looked awful against teams with strong passing attacks.


Texans 27 Titans 20

This season has been about showing they belong for the Texans, two weeks ago they nearly did just that as they lost a heartbreaker on the road against the Colts. Playing on Monday Night they get another chance, and this week they won’t let it pass as they stay in the playoff hunt as the passing of Matt Schaub is able to outshine the Running of Chris Johnson for the second time this season.