2009 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week No Spread: 11-3 .786
Last Week Spread: 7-7 .500
Total No Spread: 44-18 .710
Total Spread: 33-29 .532



Ravens 27 Bengals 13

The Ravens defense should enjoy a big game as they don’t have to worry about being called for an unsportsmanlike like conduct penalty for breathing on Carson Palmer, who is not protected by the officials like Tom Brady. The Bengals were lucky to beat the Browns last week and are due for a stinker. Look for the Ravens to cruise in Baltimore.


Bills 24 Browns 17

The Browns played well at home last week, but still found a way to lose, while the Bills continued to struggle falling to 1-3. Following the Bills loss, former Bills players questioned the team’s heart and desire, a loss to the winless Browns and it could really get ugly. Look for the Bills to find away to avoid that scenario as they use the home crowd to push themselves to a win.


Panthers 31 Redskins 10

The Panthers coming off a bye week desperately need a win to save their season. Fortunately for them they are facing the Redskins, who already lost to the Lions, and narrowly beat the awful Rams and Buccaneers. Look for the Panthers to break out of their slump in a big way as they get both their offense and defense clicking in an easy win over the Redskins.


Steelers 34 Lions 7

If the Lions are smart they keep Rookie QB Matthew Stafford as far away from the field as possible, as his hurt knee will likely take a beating against the Steelers attacking defense. With Stafford the Lions don’t stand a chance against the Steelers any way, with him hurting and likely not playing the Lions need to just close their eyes and hope in ends quickly.


Cowboys 24 Chiefs 20

Beware Cowboys, you can lose this game. The Chiefs at 0-4 are due for a good game, at home they may be able to muster up something that will be able to upset the Cowboys, who are the biggest underachievers in the NFL. The Chiefs will certainly cover the nine points in Vegas, and it will be close through out but in the end the Cowboys should win on talent alone.


Giants 24 Raiders 10

The Giants should have no problem beating the Raiders, weather Eli Manning plays or not. The Raiders offense is awful, and they have to travel east to play an early game for the second week in a row. However 16 points? That is a spread you should run away from fast. Look for an easy win for Big Blue, but a back door cover from the Raiders.


Eagles 31 Buccaneers 3

The Buccaneers pursuit of the top pick continues as they lay another egg against a team from the NFC East. The Eagles, who should see the return of Donovan McNabb will be looking to open things up, and while the Bucs defense is not awful, they could spend allot of time on the field, leading them to exhaustion and exposure, as their offense seems incapable of holding on to the ball.


Vikings 45 Rams 0

The Rams should change their fight song to Mary Had a Little Lamb, because it describes the team perfectly. Through four games the Rams offense has scored 24 total points, while turnovers have led directly to 35 points. Yes Boys and Girls they allow more points when their offense is on the field then they score themselves. Fans in attendance will be given the option of getting cyanide pills with their beer.


49ers 21 Falcons 17

This will be an interesting game to determine if the 49ers are for real, as they host the Falcons. The Falcons are a solid team coming off a bye week, but I am concerned about how they perform on the road, especially against a tough defense like the 49ers. This game should be a good one, but in the end the 49ers defense will find a way as they hand the Falcons their second straight loss.


Cardinals 24 Texans 17

The Texans and Cardinals are both teams that are nightmares to forecast, as you never know what you are going to get on a week by week basis. The Cardinals who already have two home losses need it more, and for that reason they should win, as Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin should be able to have big days.


Patriots 17 Broncos 13

The Broncos have been winning with defense, and the critics who picked them to be awful are starting to take notice, as they even made the cover of Sports Illustrated. Of course if you believe in the SI Jinx that is not a good thing, as Bill Belichick faces his protégé. Look for the teacher to have one or two things saved up for the pupil in a close low scoring game.


Seahawks 27 Jaguars 17

Seahawks fans are hoping to see two things this week, the return of QB Matt Hasslebeck and the elimination of the lime green nightmares they wore in their last home. Signs are pointing to Hasslebeck playing, which is the best news Seattle can get as they need a win to avoid digging a deep hole. Look for them to get back on track against a mediocre Jaguars team..


Titans 27 Colts 24

You have got to sense the Titans are due. Last season they were 13-3, and this year they are 0-4 with the season officially on the line on Sunday Night. One more loss; especially in the AFC South and its time to start scouting the draft. The game is in Nashville, a place where they have had success against Peyton Manning in the past. Look for them to get the upset as they are able to score just enough against the Colts banged up defense.


Dolphins 20 Jets 17

The bloom came off the rose a bit last week, as Jets Rookie QB mark Sanchez played poorly as they were beaten by the Saints. Now in his first primetime game, he has to face the defending AFC East Champs. The Dolphins who got on track last week with a win over the Bills could provide a challenge for the Jets as their wildcat may keep the Jets off balance just enough to pull off the Monday Night upset.