2011 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 5-11 .313
Season No Spread: 90-56 .616
Previous Week Point Spread: 6-10 .375
Season Point Spread: 75-71 .514



Jets 20 Broncos 6

This game is critical for the Jets, who are coming off a bad home loss to the Patriots. A loss here and their season is all but over. The short turnaround could hurt the Jets as can the injury of RB LaDainian Tomlinson. However, the Broncos have two hurt Running Backs, and with Tim Tebow at Quarterback they need to run the ball as much as possible. Tim Tebow needing to throw the ball plays right into Gang Green’s hands.


Ravens 27 Bengals 10

Last week was an ultimate WTF game for the Ravens; as they followed up a dramatic win against the Steelers with a loss to the lowly Seahawks. This week at 6-3 they face the Bengals with a chance to get a share of first. The loser in this game will be left playing catch up. Being a divisional; foe I think the Ravens come in focused as their veteran defense gives QB Andy Dalton fits all day.


Jaguars 9 Browns 6

Lullaby and good night it’s another football game in Cleveland. No offense just some punts and a few field goals. No touchdowns three and out and a few penalties to boot. This game is boring fans are snoring and the Browns are down again, Jaguars win Browns lose and everyone can snooze.


Lions 30 Panthers 13

After an ugly loss to the Bears on the road, the mean Lions defense will look to make someone pay as they get set for their Thanksgiving Showdown with the Packers. The team that will feel their wrath is the Panthers who are coming in off a bad loss of their own, as Cam Newton has started to hit the rookie wall. At the end of this game Cam is going to wish it was only the rookie wall when he sees Ndamukong Suh bearing down on him.


Packers 41 Buccaneers 17

The Buccaneers defense has looked awful as of late, losing three of their last four games. The last thing they need is to play the Packers. Not only do they have to face 9-0 Pack, they have to do it in Lambeau Field. The Packers have too many weapons and they are all firing on queue, look for them to continue to dominate as they easily beat the Buccaneers with Aaron Rodgers continuing his unreal season.


Bills 24 Dolphins 13

The Dolphins have won two straight after a 0-7 start, while the Bills are scuffling with two ugly losses in a row. Another loss for the Bills and the great start is all but erased. The Bills need a big bounce back from QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has struggled in the last two games. The Dolphins secondary is a weak spot and I can see the Bills exploiting it, with Fred Jackson helping to set up the play action in Miami.


Vikings 24 Raiders 17

Monday Night’s loss to the Packers not with standing, the Vikings have played well since Christian Ponder took over at Quarterback. The Raiders meanwhile come in atop the mediocre AFC West. The key player here is Adrian Peterson, who is due for a big game, the Raiders rush defense is not very good, and playing in the early game I sense they are ripe for the upset in the dome.


Cowboys 20 Redskins 3

The Redskins are not just bad on offense they are beat up; injuries have taken what was a mediocre offense to begin with and made them a team that probably could not score against anyone. The Cowboys meanwhile are looking to challenge in the NFC East and are coming off an impressive win over the Bills. Look for the Cowboys defense to continue their strong play as the Redskins continue to go backwards on the field.


Rams 17 Seahawks 13

The Seahawks are feeling good about themselves after stunning the Ravens in Seattle last week. The 12th man of course was a big help. This week they get a cold taste of reality as they go to St. Louis to take on the Rams. The Rams are better than their 2-7 record, and a chance against weaker teams at home. Look for the Rams defense led by James Laurinitus to be the key player as they cause problems for Tavaris Jackson all day.


49ers 21 Cardinals 6

Truth be told the 49ers should have won the NFC West last year, but a poorly coached team quickly was behind the eight ball after a slow start under Mike Singletarry. This year with Jim Harbaugh they are playing up to their full potential and excelling. With a win they can all but wrap up the West. Their defense is the key as the Cardinals no matter who is at Quarterback need a big day from WR Larry Fitzgerald. The problem is no way they get the time to get the ball to him with Patrick Willis leading the 49ers pass rush.


Falcons 31 Titans 16

After their risky 4th down gamble blew up in their fact last week, the Falcons at 5-4 need a big win to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Titans are a team that has been feast or famine all season. Against a team that can pass, and can run like the Falcons that is usually bad news for the Titans, and the fact the game is Atlanta and you have the makings of a big win for the Dirty Birds.


Bears 34 Chargers 13

Chicago and San Diego two more different cities you can not find. Chicago is hot summers and bone chilling winters. San Diego is 340 days of sun and 72 degrees. The Bears are a bruising team that has overcome adversity and can hurt you on offense and defense. The Chargers are soft at the first sense of trouble they fold. They also have a bad special teams unit, so count on at least one return for Devin Hester to the house as the Chargers continue to sputter.