2011 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 15-1 .938
Season No Spread: 26-6 .813
Previous Week Point Spread: 11-5 .688
Season Point Spread: 20-12 .625



Patriots 41 Bills 30

Quarterback Mark Fitzpatrick and the Bills offense have looked as good as the Bills new uniforms. However, the Bills have not beaten the Patriots since Week 1 of the 2003 season. Fitzpatrick can no longer be written off as an Ivy Leaguer just holding down the fort in Buffalo. However, the Bills don’t have enough defense to stop Tom Brady. It will be a shoot out, but in the end the Patriots will run up and down the field in Buffalo again.


Panthers 27 Jaguars 17

Its rookie versus rookie as Quarterback Blanie Gabbert makes his debut for the Jaguars against number one overall pick Cam Newton, who has been outstanding in his first two games despite the Panthers 0-2 start. This game sets up perfectly for Newton as the Jaguars appear to be a total mess still reeling from the sudden release of David Garrard. Newton may not top 400 yards again, but he is already a strong starter and far ahead of any other rookie.


49ers 16 Bengals 13

This week as the Bengals prepared to host the 49ers, Jerome Simpson and Anthony Collins decided to get a taste of California finest product. Problem is they did not go through legal channels and are now being investigated for distributing Marijuana. I guess it’s true the Cincinnati Bengals can’t change their prison stripes. What effect it will have on the game is unknown, but it can’t help QB Andy Dalton in his home debut. Look for the 49ers defense to be the difference in this one.


Browns 23 Dolphins 17

The Dolphins are a total mess and a team that looks lost in space in the early part of the season after starting the season with two home losses. Last year the Dolphins went 6-2 on the road and 1-7 at home, hard to imagine them being able to duplicate the road success this year. The Browns need a home win themselves and with the power running of Peyton Hillis I expect them to get it as the Dolphins are just overall a very soft team.


Vikings 20 Lions 17

No team faces a more desperate situation this week than the Vikings, who have had leads at the half in each of the first two weeks only to come out flat in the second half. The Lions meanwhile have looked terrific in winning their first two games. However, winning road games in the NFC North is a much taller task. The game will be close, but in the end the Vikings desperation will help them hold off the fast charging Lions with a late field goal by Ryan Longwell.


Saints 31 Texans 20

This is an excellent test for the Texans who at 2-0 go on the road to face the Saints. Offensively it is a good showdown of solid Quarterbacks as Matt Schaub faces Drew Brees. Both have some injuries on offense as Brees is missing one of his favorite targets Marques Colston. However, the health of Texans RB Arian Foster is the biggest factor, and unless his hamstring suddenly heals its hard to imagine a road win in the Superdome for the Texans.


Eagles 24 Giants 13

A big early season divisional game and both teams have injury issues. The Giants are when they are not faking injuries are seeing at least one starter go on IR a week, with Dominik Hixson the latest casualty. Who will be at QB is a big question for the Eagles, as Michael Vick recovers from a concussion. Some how I see the Eagles winning this game no matter who is under center as the Giants just receiving core can not match up against the Eagles secondary.


Titans 27 Broncos 13

As the Broncos hit the road for the first time in 2011, the good news for the Broncos is QB Kyle Orton will not have to hear anyone chanting for Tim Tebow in Tennessee. However, the bad news is the Titans are coming off a solid home win against the Ravens. The Titans defense has played well and WR Kenny Britt is off to a great start, once Chris Johnson gets going the Titans could challenge in the AFC South, while the Broncos have more problems than just a quarterback controversy.


Jets 24 Raiders 13

After winning their first two games at home, the Jets begin a tough three game road stretch in Oakland with Center Nick Mangold’s health a question mark. The Raiders should be 2-0 as they play their home opener and could be primed for an upset. The Jets need to guard against looking ahead to the Ravens and Patriots if they are to win. Fortunately for them QB Mark Sanchez likes going back to California and on Sunday look for him to be the difference as the Jets start 3-0.


Ravens 23 Rams 10

What did the Rams do to deserve this? Three games to start the season against three teams that last year won at least ten games. It won’t get any easier any time soon. With RB Stephen Jackson’s health still in the air the chances of a win against the Ravens is not very good especially after the Purple Birds suffered a let down last week in Nashville. Look for Sam Bradford to have a bad day against the Ravens defense.


Chargers 38 Chiefs 15

Great googly moogly the Chefs wish they could click their heels and start the season all over again, as they have been roasted, toasted, fricasseed, and flambéed in their first two games. With their top Defensive Player Eric Berry and Top Offensive Player Jamal Charles both out for the season. The Chargers may keep the Chiefs in the game for a while, but it won’t last as they get rolled again.


Packers 24 Bears 6

A rematch of last year’s NFC Championship Game sees the Packers heading into Soldier Field for a renewal of the NFL’s oldest rivalry. The Packers defense has had its trouble so far against the Saints and Panthers, but the key will be Bears offensive line which has been pushed around more than a shopping cart. On his back most of the season QB Jay Cutler has been showing signs of frustration. This week fans may think Cutler changed his name to Matthews who will back all as while giving him a nice view of the autumn sky.


Cardinals 27 Seahawks 17

It’s the home opener in Seattle and time to raise the 12th man flag again for the Seahawks. However, this year they might as well raise a white flag at CenturyLink Field as the Seahawks will be a front runner in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. This is a game they can find a way to win, if QB Tavaris Jackson plays well. However, there does not seem to be much chance of that happening as the acquisition of T-Jack may have been the trump card in the Suck for Luck game.


Buccaneers 27 Falcons 24

One Quarterback is in his third year the other in his fourth and together in the NFC South should be exciting fans for years. Both Josh Freeman and Matt Ryan are also good at the 4th Quarter comeback as both again demonstrated last week as the Buccaneers overcame a 17-0 halftime deficit and the Falcons overcame an 11 point deficit in the 4th Quarter. This one has overtime written all over it as the game will clearly not be over until the final possession. In Tampa I see the Flag raised in victory as Freeman leads the way to another dramatic win.


Steelers 31 Colts 0

Roses are red the Colts where blue, if the team were really horses they would be turned into glue. One thing for sure this year Indianapolis will see a NFL playoff game played at the Lucas Oil Field, but it will be two different teams in Super Bowl XLVI as the Colts are in the Andre Luck sweepstakes with Peyton Manning off seeking stem cell treatment for his ailing neck. Against the Steelers on Sunday Night its hard to imagine them even denting the scoreboard.


Redskins 20 Cowboys 17

If the Cowboys are smart, Jon Kitna will be under center on Monday Night as starter Tony Romo recovers from broken ribs and a punctured lung. The comeback last week in San Francisco is one thing, nobody realized he also punctured a lung, and the Redskins have already said the ribs will be an easy target. Either way the Redskins are playing well and will go down to Dallas and spoil the Jerry World season opener as Rex Grossman shows maybe he knew what he was talking about when he said the Redskins were the team to beat in the NFC East.