2011 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 7-6 .538
Season No Spread: 52-25 .675
Previous Week Point Spread: 8-5 .615
Season Point Spread: 43-34 .558



Falcons 31 Panthers 28

At 2-3 the Falcons have been one of the more disappointing teams in the early part of the NFL season, and just about everyone is to blame. Matt Ryan has not excelled, and the defense has looked vulnerable. With a home game against the Panthers they will need to win this game or be in real trouble. The good news is they will win, but it will be a struggle as Cam Newton will give the Falcons defense fits but come up just short again.


Bengals 27 Colts 17

I just can’t believe the Bengals are 3-1, but they have clearly earned their strong start as Rookie Andy Dalton has been just dandy replacing Carson Palmer, who may begin regretting his early retirement in a week or two. The Bengals have had strong defensive play and Cedric Benson has been solid leading the running game. The Colts come in 0-5 and are doing everything wrong. Look for the Bengals to win again at home.


Lions 23 49ers 13

It will be easy for the Lions to suffer a letdown after winning their first Monday Night Game in a decade as they play the 49ers who crushed a Monday Night recovering team at home last week. However, with the fired up crowd at Ford Field the Lions will get that extra shot of Adeline needed to avoid the Monday Night Hangover. The last time the Lions were 6-0 was 1956 and their sixth win came against the 49ers.


Packers 37 Rams 17

Poor little Rams 0-4 no team has had a more brutal schedule, it’s almost like somehow the NFL is punishing them. Things only get worse as they come off the bye week and play the 5-0 defending Super Bowl Champion Packers at Lambeau Field. My prediction for St. Louis is pain, maybe the Cardinals can let them borrow rally squirrel to help.


Giants 20 Bills 17

The Giants have been a Helter Skelter team this year, looking great against the Eagles on the road, while laying an egg at home against the Seahawks. The Bills come in riding high at 4-1 and appear to be clicking, but coming into the swamps of jersey they are due for a hiccup. Look for the Giants to recover, as the Giants pass rush is able to get to Ryan Fitzpatrick and disrupt the Bills offense just enough for the Giants to win by a field goal.


Steelers 27 Jaguars 7

The Steelers appear to be on the verge of getting on track after a slow start as their defense smothered the Titans last week. In fact in two home games the Steelers have looked like a Super Bowl team. Facing the pathetic Jaguars led by the incapable Blaine Gabbert look for that to continue as the Steelers win this one easily.


Redskins 24 Eagles 20

The Redskins came out of the bye week last year against the Eagles and played their worst game of the year. Knowing that one has to sense they will be much sharper this week as they host the Eagles again. The Eagles are 1-4 and look lost in every way on the field as they have become proficient in shooting themselves in the foot. With the Redskins defense putting on pressure on Michael Vick look for turnovers to again lead to the Dream Team’s demise.


Ravens 27 Texans 10

Even if the Texans were 100% healthy this would be a very difficult game for them to win as they face the Ravens on the road. However, with Arian Foster still struggling to get up to full speed and WR Andre Johnson on the sideline, along with LB Mario Williams it looks like Houston has a problem or two. One thing for sure with the Ravens playing well on both sides of the ball they will be trampled in Baltimore.


Raiders 30 Browns 10

After their thrilling emotional win in Houston last week there is no way the Raiders can lose their first home game, since the death of Al Davis. The Browns come in with some turmoil as reports are Peyton Hillis is unhappy with his contract and the Browns are unhappy he called out sick against the Dolphins. The Raiders are running the ball effectively and playing well on defense, this is one they should win easily.


Patriots 37 Cowboys 24

What Tony Romo will show up this week, is it the one who led a John Wayne style comeback with cracked ribs or is it the Bumbles McFadden who blew the game against the Lions with three interceptions. If the Cowboys are to even have a chance to win in Foxboro they will need Romo to be at the top of his game. That just can’t be counted on as Tom Brady has another bog day leading the Pats to victory.


Buccaneers 27 Saints 20

The Saints playing their third straight game on the road face a Buccaneers team looking to rebound off one of their worst performances under Coach Raheem Morris. Over the last two years the Bucs have been competitive with the Saints winning in New Orleans, but struggling in Tampa. I believe they are due for a bounce back as Josh Freeman has a big day and earns a win over the Saints to make things tight in the NFC South.


Bears 27 Vikings 17

The Bears are already 0-2 in the division and 2-3 overall a loss this week on Sunday Night could be crippling as they host the Vikings fresh off their first win. With the game in Soldier Field the Bears will have the advantage, but they can not allow Adrian Peterson to have a big day or things could get ugly for Jay Cutler who will already have his hand full trying to stay upright against the Vikings pass rush. It will be close, but the Vikings propensity to fade in the second half will allow the Bears to win at home.


Jets 24 Dolphins 9

The Dolphins have won their last three games in the Meadowlands. This time they enter 0-4 with a back up Quarterback and face a Jets team coming off an ugly 0-3 road swing. Met Life Field is going to be a sight for sore eyes as the Jets will end their losing streak and save their season, as they finally get their offense on track against the Dolphins porous secondary. Meanwhile the Dolphins with QB Matt Moore will show just why they are better off losing as they hope for some Luck in their pursuit of a new Quarterback in 2012.