4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-6 .571
Season Total: 74-56 .569



Chiefs 31 Bills 13

Last weeks win on the final play of the game for the Chiefs is the type of win that could propel a team on to a long winning streak. Look for the Chiefs to shuffle off to Buffalo and cash in on the Bills, who will be coming off their bye week flat footed, while Larry Johnson playing in place of Priest Holmes has a big day.


Bears 20 49ers 0

Giddy up cowboy yeee haa we goin’ to the rodeo where 49ers QB Cody Pickettt will become Cody picked off as the buckin’ Bears defense and thrown and tossed like a rodeo clown as Bears start to pull away from the NFC North by shutting down the 49ers offense completely.


Lions 16 Cardinals 13

The Lions and Cardinals meet again and it means nothing, but when does it ever mean anything as these two teams have been historic losers for the last 50 years. Who will win I don’t know. Let me call in my consultant Flip A. Coin who says tails and the Lions win by a field goal and nobody cares.


Colts 31 Texans 10

It would be easy to expect the Colts to come a little flat in to this game coming off their statement win over the Patriots on Monday Night. However no matter how bad the Colts play they won’t lose as the Texans are just that bad, look for QB Davud Carr to have a nice view of the roof at the RCA Dome as the Colts win by 3 TDs.


Jaguars 17 Ravens 6

The Ravens defense is just plain bad and even with the return of Kyle Boller, who may actually be worse then back up Anthony Wright they won’t be able to score, as the Jaguars defense keeps the Ravens out of the endzone allowing the offense to work with a short field and win the game.


Dolphins 20 Patriots 17

Last year the Dolphins stunned the Patriots at home late in the season. Last year the Dolphins were terrible and the Patriots were on the way to becoming a dynasty. This year the Dolphins are still far from contending, but the Pats are no where near the team that won the Super Bowl, look for the Dolphins to get another upset off a Patriots team coming off a bad Monday Night loss.


Giants 37 Vikings 17

The last two seasons the Giants went into Minnesota and beat a Vikings team that was flying high. Now the Giants are flying high and the Vikings are sinking. Don’t expect the results to change as the Vikings are in the midst of a lost season while he Giants are starting to look like a true Super Bowl Contender.


Panthers 31 Jets 6

The Panthers are one of the hottest teams in the NFL the Jets are not. After finishing last week’s game strong by nearly brining them back against the Chargers Brook Bolinger will be the starter at QB. However, when a team prepares for you its a loot harder and when that team has a good defense like the Panthers its nothing but bad news for the Jets.


Raiders 27 Broncos 17

The Raiders nearly went into Kansas City and upset the Chiefs, losing on the final play last week. Returning home this week they actually complete the job and stun the Broncos who coming off a bye week will be a little flat. Look for strong games from Randy Moss, and Lamont Jordan.


Falcons 31 Packers 10

Michael Vick gets the attention for the Flacons success, but the true stars this year have been their defense which is one of the most underrated units in the league. Look for the defense to star again as Packers QB Brett Favre continues to struggle for a Packers team that may be fighting for the number 1 pick soon.


Seahawks 37 Rams 17

Last year the Rams beat the Seahawks three times including a playoff win at Q-West Field. The Seahawks already have gotten revenge once with a win in St. Louis now in Seattle they have a chance to all but clinch the division with a win. Look for the Seahawks to fly high as they roll up the score on the Rams porous defense.


Redskins 27 Buccaneers 6

Chris Simms is awful plain and simple and the Buccaneers are in deep deep trouble as long as he is under center. Don’t be shocked if the Buccaneers pull the hook on Simms in favor of the recently acquired Tim Rattay as the Redskins defense smothers the Bucs into submission


Steelers 20 Browns 0

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger gets another week to recover from knne surgery, as Charlie Batch gets the start on Sunday Night. However it does not matter if it was Charlie Tuna starting, as the Steelers face another bottom feeder in the NFL’s talent pool, as their defense will be able to smother the mistake laden Browns.


Cowboys 24 Eagles 17

Suspended for the rest of the season Terrell Owens comes out with his own CD just in time for Christmas, listen as he sings the Classics “I Got To Be Me”, “Me Myself and I,” “Its All About Me,” and the heartbreaking love song “If Loving Me is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right.” With TO at home the Eagles continue to struggle losing to the Cowboys for the second time.