4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 5-9 .357
Season Total: 79-65 .548



Falcons 31 Buccaneers 20

The Buccaneers may have righted their ship last week with a dramatic win against the Redskins as Coach Jon Gruden rolled the die and went for 2. However, heading into Atlanta it will be rough waters as the Falcons will be looking to bounce back from their loss to the Packers last week.


Steelers 23 Ravens 3

The Steelers don’t know who their QB will be the hope it will be Ben Roethlisberger, but they will likely play it safe for one more week. They would then hope it could be Charlie Batch, but with a broken hand that’s unlikely. So Tommy Maddox is the only choice. However against the Ravens it won’t matter as the Steelers defense will outscore the Ravens.


Dolphins 24 Browns 13

The Dolphins may not be a true contender this year but they are heading in the right direction, and when heading in that direction beating teams like the Browns are necessary. Look for Browns QB Trent Dilfer to have a rough day against the pressure of Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas as the Dolphins win on the road.


Panthers 24 Bears 6

The Bears are 6-3 but they have yet to beaten a good team. The Panthers are 7-2 and just starting to hit their stride. Look for the Bears to get a bitter taste of cold reality as the Panthers march into Soldier Field and make the Bears look like the mediocre team that they truly are.


Cowboys 24 Lions 10

Just days before Thanksgiving the teams that will host their traditional Turkey Day showdowns meet each other in Dallas. The Cowboys are flying high ion first place coming off a dramatic win, while the Lions just beat the Cardinals. The Cowboys are not the Cardinals, and will beat the Lions easily.


Patriots 31 Saints 10

The Patriots are not playing very well as they are just 5-4 and after hanging on to beat the Dolphins last week. However no matter how bad they are playing they are playing better the Saints who are 2-7 and in the midst of a lost season, as their future home is the onlyt question left hanging this season.


Giants 27 Eagles 10

The way the Eagles lost last week could send them into a greater nose dive then the 3-game losing streak they are already on. Between the T.O. affair and Donovan McNabb’s growing list of injuries this year has been an unmitigated disaster for the defending NFC Championships who are heading for last place this year.


Rams 27 Cardinals 17

The Rams have played well under Interim Coach Joe Vitt, while the Cardinals are just the Cardinals losing game after game. Look for the Rams to keep their playoff alive by beating up on the perennial losers who used to occupy the Rams home by the Gaetway Arch.


Jaguars 20 Titans 17

Look for the Tiatns to give the Jaguars all they could handle as coming off a bye week they are rested and refresh. However, the tough Jaguars defense will eventually wear them down and in the late stages Byron Leftwich will pull out another come back win for the under rated Jaguars.


Redskins 24 Raiders 13

The Redskins are hurting losing in the final minute to the Buccaneers, coming home they need a win and will get a win as the Raiders who are struggling will be jet lagged from their flight and the wares of a long season, that has them in last place as a non factor in the AFC playoff picture.


Seahawks 34 49ers 10

Shaun Alexander is going to have a field day as the Seahawks begin to think about home field advantage. However to get home field a good team must win sometimes dominate on the road and going down to San Francisco gives them the perfect opening no matter who is under center.


Bengals 34 Colts 31

Two years ago the Bengals turned the corner after years of struggling but upsetting the unbeaten Chiefs at home. Now the Bengals are a legitimate contender looking for a big statement win and this is it, as the Colts are due for a loss. Look for the sparks to fly in a shootout won by the Bengals late.


Broncos 34 Jets 10

The FAA has announced that the Jets will be grounded for the rest of the season due to safety regulations. Heading in to Denver, look for another loss for Gang Green as Brook Bollinger continues to take a beating with injuries taking their toll on the Jets offensive line.


Chargers 41 Bills 24

After a week off LaDanlian Tomlinson is now recharged for the playoff stretch drive. Look for the Chargers to be on the scoreboard sp much that the Bills will be still hearing the Chargers horrendous fight song in their heads, as the Chargers win going away with another multiple TD game for LT.


Chiefs 31 Texans 13

The Texans are 1-8 and as non competitive as can be as QB David Carr is just an oversized tackling dummy. Look for more misery Sunday Night from the viewers and ESPN suits that are stuck with this dreadful game in prime time, as the Chiefs win easily by at least 2 Touchdowns.


Packers 38 Vikings 34

When ABC had this game at the beginning of the year they circled it with excitement now they wish they had a n eraser as its two bad teams on Monday Night. However, it will be better they expect as Brett Favre will be showcased in a shoot out winning his second in a row.